Suffolk gives out drug test kits for concerned parents

By Terrapinzflyer · Nov 20, 2009 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Suffolk gives out drug test kits for concerned parents

    To help parents detect drug use among their children, Suffolk law enforcement is now giving out free home test kits.

    The kits, bought with money seized from drug dealers and available at the Suffolk sheriff's office, allow people to home-test urine for traces of six categories of drugs, said Suffolk Sheriff Vincent DeMarco.

    If the test is positive, parents can begin the process of helping their kids stop using drugs, he said at a news conference in Riverhead Thursday.

    "We need parents to take action," he said.

    District Attorney Thomas Spota struck an urgent note as he said heroin in particular was a plague "all over our streets in Suffolk County."

    "The time to act is now," he said.

    Jerry Gentile, who founded the support group Parents Against Drug Dealing after he lost his son Gerard, 39, to heroin last year, said that parents shouldn't worry that they are violating their children's rights.

    "Now is the time for each one of us to be more accountable," he said. Later, Gentile said that the larger goal was worth the intrusion. "That's your child. That's your most treasured possession," he said with tears in his eyes.

    Spota said the home kits aren't going to be used to collect evidence in a criminal case, and that people can obtain the kits anonymously. Counseling resources will be available for parents who discover their children are abusing drugs, he said.

    The Nassau police department runs an anonymous substance testing program where people can bring an unknown substance to any precinct for a check, Det. Michael Bitsko said.

    DeMarco said he has not heard of other jurisdictions handing out home drug testing kits, which he estimated cost about $1 each.

    In a booklet for parents, the federal Office of National Drug Control Policy actually cautions against drug testing outside a medical arena.

    "Drug testing of kids is a complicated issue and is best done within the context of a doctor-patient-parent relationship," the booklet said.

    But another drug counselor said the kit can be a powerful first step for families.

    "It acts as a deterrent and it opens lines of communication up. Sometimes the kids don't want to do it and they'll talk to you about what they've done," said Mark Epley, the mayor of Southampton Village, who is the executive director of the rehab facility Seafield Center.

    Epley said he personally home-tests his four children. "It's another tool a parent has available to help him," he said.

    November 19, 2009 By SOPHIA CHANG

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  1. jpm09344
    Swim lived in suffolk county most of his life, moving a few times: Sag Harbor to Calverton, to Riverhead, to Mastic Beach, and relates to this article, swim started and unknowingly became addicted to heroin in suffolk county and its use was increasing explosively, especially in high schools, and among people under 25. I truely hope that the addicts at home can get help before they end up living on the floor of a shooting gallery in brooklyn like swim did.
  2. ninjaned
    Good god. What an idiotic, diluted, bunch of fucking idiots. What gives any parents the right to make their kids piss in a cup? If kids want to get high, their always gonna find a way, so why make them jump through hoops? I understand the guy's loss, but if he thinks this is going to stop kids from doing drugs, then he is an idiot of the worst sort.
  3. masmith31593
    this is bullshit. when swim was 16 his parents drug tested him using a piss test. swim tested positive for cannabis. this intrusion of swims rights did not open lines of communication, but did rather the opposite. also it caused swim to start using more extreme drugs that the test did not cover.

  4. YeaXTC
    Swim thinks this is a good idea. If a CHILD (under the age of 18) is living at home with their parents, the parents are responsible for the child, and therefore a drug test is reasonable in all aspects, in swims opinion, because the parent is responsible for the child and needs to make sure that the child is safe/clean/whatever else, and this is a great tool for them, especially in the age of 2009!

    ^just swims 2 cents..


  5. Terrapinzflyer
    the turtles rapidly approaching 40, no kids, but many of his friends have kids - many into their teens.

    When the turtle was young, heroin was not really an issue. Now, his friends, who have no shortage of drug history themselves, are faced with a reality of kids their kids age and younger using heroin. And as much as it shocks him to say it- he would not blame them one bit for doing everything in their power to stop their kids from using heroin- its one drug we've all lost way too much from.
  6. gmeziscool2354
    masmith, you are not the first person that i've heard of who started using other drugs when their parents started piss testing them. infact, most of his user friends got into drugs besides pot this way. swim is a firm believer that drugs aren't what casues problems, but drug users, and some people really shouldn't ever try certain drugs becasue they can't control themselves. for instance (i won't go over the top with examples) swim friend E got piss tested by his parents so he began using a gamut of drugs that weren't on the tests. this was all good and fine till he found psychadelics and DXM. now swim is a user of psychadelics to great benefit and fun, but E was only 16 and after hiting the mushrooms and dxm quite hard he ended up having some major mental health effects.

    another friend discovered opiates while being piss tested for marijuana. How many people on this board cringe after reading this? id imagine most recovering addicts probably do
  7. [tanarilla.]
    Seriously, what makes people think that children are possesions?:thumbsdown: If you really want to posess something, buy a puppy. If you have self-esteem and self-belief problems maybe you should consider getting help from a psychologist instead of buying drug testing kits to spy on your kids. What a load of bullshit. If my bunny's parents done something like that, my bunny would have went apeshit ate them, that's for sure. It wouldn't have resolved any problems, and digging into someone's privacy, using the excuse of 'being concerned of one's safety' is just plain lame. My bunny thinks you should be able to detect if something is seriously wrong with your child just by observing their behaviour, and that is when you should be concerned. If you can't do that, maybe you're a crap parent and can't communicate with your kid.
  8. kailey_elise
    That's cute. :rolleyes:

    Do they give the rest of the substance back? ;)

    *sheesh* Parents around here are getting RIPPED OFF, then! Just for fun, I took a look at the "At Home Drug Tests" at my local Walgreen's & they run about $30-$50! I think you still have to mail in a sample for the confirmation testing, which, iirc, cost an additional fee of something like $100!


    As noted by others, from what I hear from clients regarding their youth, at home drug testing did just the opposite of "opening lines of communication" as well as essentially coercing the children into other (often more harmful/dangerous) drugs that will either bypass the test given and/or have shorter testability times.

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