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Suicide grandmother fed her three year old grandson a cannabis biscuit

  1. bubbly nubs
    Grandmother killed herself after feeding cannabis biscuit to three-year-old grandson

    A grandmother who committed suicide was under investigation for feeding her three-year-old grandson a biscuit laced with marijuana, it was revealed today. [IMGR="cookie"]http://www.drugs-forum.com/photopost/uploads/39343/article-0-07B23A7F000005DC-964_235x293.jpg[/IMGR]
    Erin Marcove gave the toddler at least one peanut butter cookie made with cannabis butter on December 4.

    The following morning she had trouble waking the boy up and called an ambulance.

    A week later, 44-year-old Ms Marcove took her own life.

    Ms Marcove was an advocate for medicinal marijuana and had used the drug for chronic back pain most of her life.

    Police seized a jar of cannabis butter at her home and a police report showed the little boy had the drug in his system when he was taken to the hospital.

    The toddler has made a full recovery.



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