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  1. Lady Codone
    It's one of my favorite times of the year (minus the searing 115-degree heat). Water slides, snow cones & fireworks are to me what Christmas lights & Santa Claus are to the rest of the Western world. Nothing better than chilling by the lake with a fat doob or body boarding until sunset in the Pacific! Drugs only enhance the experience. :p

    My Summer stash consists of the following:

    - OxyContin 20mg (OPs)
    - Adderall 10mg
    - Benzedrex inhalers
    - Girl Scout Cookies weed
    - Fioricet x 30 pills + 6 refills
    - Dihydrocodeine 40mg tablets x 100
    - Enough Xanax to kill a small elephant
    - A small amount of liquid etizolam
    - Dicyclomine (brand name: Bentyl)
    - A couple codeine phosphate tablets (60mg)

    I hope to take lots of trips this Summer, both literal and metaphysical. What are your plans and stashes looking like for the next 3 months?


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