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Super painkiller: TD Hydrocodone to compete with Zohydro

  1. kailey_elise
    Super painkiller: TD Hydrocodone to compete with Zohydro

    DESPITE WARNINGS from lawmakers and narcs, a second company has unveiled plans for a super-painkiller with four times the amount of hydrocodone as a single Vicodin tablet.

    Teva Pharmaceuticals is in the final stages of testing TD Hydrocodone, which would compete with a similar pill, Zohydro, and could hit the market by year’s end.

    Both pills are extended-release capsules of pure opiate, much like OxyContin — the biggest player in America’s prescription drug problem.

    William Marth of Teva told investors this week that if TD Hydrocodone gets FDA approval, it could make $500 million within a couple of years.

    There is already plenty of hydrocodone on the market, but it’s paired with other non-opiates like acetaminophen.

    Experts are concerned the creation of pure hydrocodone could create a new class of pill abusers and fuel illegal drug sales.

    Sen. Chuck Schumer urged the FDA to slow down the “stampede” of new narcotics.

    TRACY CONNOR || Thursday, January 12, 2012



  1. MrG
    Now, will that be because it is such an awesome pain-killer that it will be immediately prescribed across the board for acute and chronic pain management?

    Or because they will hook their customers, I mean patients, with an even more potent and highly addictive opiate med than is currently available?
  2. somnitek
    Oh, come on. This article doesn't even mention one of the prime reasons for the development of Zohydro and TD, which is that those "previous existing medications" paired with Acetaminophen are potentially DAMAGING in the liver(s) of chronic pain patients who need HIGHER DOSES In order to continue to BE AT ALL effective. How many ways does one spell YELLOW?!

    It's a crock anyway. Hydrocodone won't likely take off with existing addicts whom already possess a strong tolerance. Maybe to get well with, or as a last resort, but it's more bumbled drug hysteria.
  3. cwyatt
    Somnitek is dead on correct. So many useful narcotic meds are 'contaminated' with acetominophen. Tylenol kills.
  4. runitsthepolice
    There are commercials all the time now for lawyers suing because of acetaminophen poisoning. The FDA wants these acetaminophen free formulations. They will get approved and Zohydro will be first. Insider and institutional ownership at ZGNX is 96% of shares outstanding. Insiders haven't sold a single share of their stock since the company went public. These indicators lead me to believe that approval of Zohydro is a certainty.
  5. Doctor Who
    Hopefully Those Suffering from Chronic Pain & Their Doctors Will Have A Few Years of Freedom from Pressure by the "Lawmakers/breakers", Narcs & the Propaganda of Media-Overkill, Before the New APAP Free TD Hydro's & ZoHydro's Go the Way of All the Other Drowsy, Dreamy Bouquet of Opiate Analgesics So Well-Beloved by US & So Feared & Hated By Them!!!
  6. rickster999
    I agree with everything including the existing addicts. One major flaw though, there will be more addicts to come and to think these wouldn't be a spring-board is outlandish. I bet if you would ask most serious pill-heads what did they start on and the answer would be hydrocodone/lortabs.
  7. Doctor Who
    I'm sure most "pill-heads" learned about drug-use, where they learn most things... in the bosom of our loving ( or not-so loving ) but usually well-medicated Family. For Pain relief... Dad loved his Percodan, Mom was partial to Tabloid Brand #3 & Soma Compound w/codine.
    TO Get Thread Back On Track - the Article mentions that the New Super-Hydro's will be Slow-Release Formula.
    Does Anyone Know if they will be like the old OC oxy's, the seemingly less potent OP's, or something even newer
    and even more effective at defeating those "naughty-minded" persons who try to extract the "pure-stuff".
  8. talltom
    I agree with what others have said; this medication will be safer, not more dangerous than existing medications that combine acetaminophen with the opioid-type ingredient. And if it time-released, it won't hit your system as quickly as most existing products. (I don't know how easily it would be to break down the release mechanism as some do with existing time-release meds.) Finally, I suspect if it is released it will be classified Scheduled II, meaning no telephone renewals; you have to see your doctor and get a new orescription each time. That will be burdensome, but also help control abuse. Most existing opioids with acetaminophen, like Norco, are Schedule III.
  9. VagabondWraith
    I sort of said this on another thread, but the message bears repeating.

    I hate to rant, but on media/political-law enforcement dissemination of misinformation, I get exponentially pissed off. This new drug, which is just a CR form of hydrocodone- if approved, will fill a very important niche which is currently not filled, IS sorely needed, and will widen the spectrum of flexibility of treatment for patients of CP, such as myself. This includes the availability of medical cannabis, and other such treatments, but I digress.

    As others have pointed out, the "10 times the strength of Vicodin" hype is a garden growing load of BS and deceptive maximizing of people's uninformed gullibility. It's the same dose, but spread out over 12 hours as opposed to 4-6 hours, and one can dose twice a day as opposed to 4-6 times. The MOST important feature however, is the exclusion of the NSAID, which over the long term, can cause a *lot* of damage, especially to a patient with type 1 diabetes, such as myself. The acetaminophen/paracetamol is bad enough, but many people cannot take aspirin (fatal allergy, or salicylate intolerance), and ibuprofen over the long term can harm the kidneys and the pancreas (horrible by itself, but worse for patients with either kind of diabetes). They conveniently fail to mention this. Also, a lot of people don't need or want oxycodone, or hydromorphone, morphine, fentanyl, et al, but if they want hydrocodone or codeine, are forced to take an NSAID mixed in with it.

    I truly hope this new drug (which isn't a NEW creation, just in its formulation/time release formula), gets FDA approval as it *will* help a lot of people. To exercise prior restraint because of a possibility of illicit use is like saying "We are going to deny you a legal course for treatment, because some people might decide to act like a$$holes, and will make our jobs harder". Moreover, to act in this way is to do harm by inaction/improper action, which is in direct contradiction to the Hippocratic oath, which all doctors must take in order to get license to practice. This IS a decision for doctors to make, NOT any government political/law enforcement agency, or media fueled misinformation hawkers and illegitimate, alarmist fear mongers.
  10. kailey_elise
    While mostly true, this isn't because people seriously prefer hydrocodone over, say, oxycodone or hydromorphone or morphine or whatever, but because Lortab/Vicodin/Norco tablets are all in Schedule III, which is WAAAAAY easier to get written for than Schedule II drugs, like most other opioids.

    As these ER formulations of hydrocodone are more than likely gonna be Sch. II, they won't have that little loophole to exploit.

    Also, from what I understand, isn't it bad/not worth it to snort/inject hydrocodone? Even if you had pure stuff?

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