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Super-thick tea made woman's teeth brittle, bones hurt, scientists find

By Rob Cypher, Mar 23, 2013 | | |
  1. Rob Cypher
    A 47-year-old woman’s lower back, arm, leg and hip pains have been linked to her daily consumption of a super-strong pitcher of tea, according to findings from a medical team at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit.

    After experiencing the pain for five years, the woman’s aches were directly linked to 17 years of drinking a pitcher of tea each day made from 100 to 150 tea bags, according to a writeup in the New England Journal of Medicine.

    Naveen Kakumanu, M.D., and Sudhaker D. Rao, M.B., B.S., found the high level of fluoride in the tea created skeletal fluorosis in the woman’s bones, usually only found in areas with high levels of fluoride in the water.

    According to the writeup: “Brewed tea has one of the highest fluoride contents among beverages in the United States.”

    The fluoride also caused brittleness in her teeth, which led to them being removed.

    The woman received counseling, is no longer drinking tea and has improved in health, according to the article.

    By Tanya Wildt
    Detroit Free Press
    6:56 PM, March 21, 2013



  1. Potter
    100-150 grams of tea a day? I can't imagine what her caffeine withdrawals must have been like. Or her budgeting.
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