supply and demand

  1. beentheredonethatagain
    there is a element of greed and need that plagues those who enjoy or depend upon certain substances that are deemed illegal.

    For today I will talk about methamphetamine.

    In the USA the controlls that our government has placed on precursers needed for synthesis of said drug has caused the supply to be imported from Mexico.

    anytime something is imported it usally adds to the cost.

    But here is where the real screwing comes , drug dealers who's income depends upon having drugs to sell, will find a way to get the product to stretch further when sources are scarce.

    Nik has seen this play out time and time again.

    Dealers will take a product that is already stepped on and they will add another substance, "God only knows what" .

    and that product is causing users to be chasing a high that is far from reach, causing them to pay a very high price just for wanting to gain a stimiulated state.

    The adultrated product causes users also to be sketchy and tired.

    Robbing them of their life.

    I would demand that our own Government take responsibility for the crap that is being sold to the people.

    There should and one day will be a watchdog agency to oversee all drugs (medicines) legal and the ones that are currently schedule I , illegal.

    I personaly just dream of using uppers to get me moving , taking care of business .
    Productivity is the goal.

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  1. RaverHippie
    Today, on university campuses around the world, students are striking deals to buy and sell prescription drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin — not to get high, but to get higher grades, to provide an edge over their fellow students or to increase in some measurable way their capacity for learning. These transactions are crimes in the United States, punishable by prison.
    Many people see such penalties as appropriate, and consider the use of such drugs to be cheating, unnatural or dangerous. Yet one survey estimated that almost 7% of students in US universities have used prescription stimulants in this way, and that on some campuses, up to 25% of students had used them in the past year. These students are early adopters of a trend that is likely to grow, and indications suggest that they're not alone.
    In this article, we propose actions that will help society accept the benefits of enhancement, given appropriate research and evolved regulation. Prescription drugs are regulated as such not for their enhancing properties but primarily for considerations of safety and potential abuse. Still, cognitive enhancement has much to offer individuals and society, and a proper societal response will involve making enhancements available while managing their risks."

    Your post made me think of this.
  2. old hippie 56
    Read about border seizures around Laredo, TX of 90% pure dope, then read about seizures around Dallas of 50% purity.
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