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  1. honourableone
    Drug addict and alcoholic parents in Perth and Kinross are to get intensive support and supervision to ensure their children are not neglected.
    A project to help those on the child protection register because of their parents' substance abuse has been approved by councillors.
    Social workers will visit regularly and training will be given in parenting, domestic skills and nutrition.
    The project is due to start in May or June of this year.
    Councillor Willie Robertson said: "The children come to school and they're not fed, they're not clean, they often don't come to school, they're badly clothed, they don't appear for hospital appointments or doctor appointments, it's just an obvious sign of neglect, so they appear on the child protection register.
    "We're putting forward an intensive care package for these families to try to turn them around, to give the parents an opportunity to improve their chaotic lifestyles, to get into a situation where a pattern starts to exist in their lives and they actually start to look after their children better. "I hope the parents take the opportunity to turn their lives around, not just for their benefit but certainly for the children."

    By BBC news, 11th of March 2009
    Original Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/tayside_and_central/7937622.stm


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