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Supreme Court judge says Insite not bound by Canada's narcotics laws

By Euphoric, May 28, 2008 | | |
  1. Euphoric



  1. Alfa
    Nice to read this. Congrats to InSight.
  2. aerozeppelin123
    One thing I've wondered about these injecting rooms, is what stops police looking for an easy arrest hanging around nearby and searching people going in and out the facility, cos they're more than likely going to be carrying something. Or does that kind of thing just not happen?
  3. AquafinaOrbit
    Great to hear.
  4. Coconut
    "The government had argued that even if the drug law was unconstitutional, its constraints were justifiable and reasonable in a free and democratic society."

    What? Not only are the constraints unjustifiable and unreasonable, this is completely contradictory. A government which is left unchecked and has the ability to do whatever it wants means the polar opposite of a free society, especially when said government violates its nation's constitution using flimsy excuses such as public health and the common good.

    Any government which makes the claim that it can violate its constitution for whatever reason should be immediately and mercilessly overthrown by the people.
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