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Suspect Uses Piggy Bank Cash For Drugs, Prostitute

  1. Basoodler

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Prosecutors say a suspect stole more than $500 from his nephew’s piggy bank to buy a prostitute and drugs.

    Baron Calmese Jr. appeared in court yesterday. He was arrested in September, and admitted to stealing $504 from his nephew. Calmese’s sister told investigators she gave him permission to take some change — $2 in quarters — out of the bank, but instead, he took all of the money.

    When officers asked what he did with the money, he said, “Man, I bought a piece of (expletive) and some heroin.”



  1. Ouch
    Wow. None of my brothers would ever THINK of taking my daughter's piggy bank money...they would track down and maim anyone who did. I'm not innocent, I've stolen to get what I wanted...but not from a child's piggy bank. That poor kid must have saved all the money anyone gave him like for birthdays and stuff for a really long time. Sounds like his mom wasn't just gonna put up with someone stealing all her baby's money, though. Good for her.
  2. Alien Sex Fiend
    last year some homeless guy stole change from 3 collection boxes for veterans, one day before Remembrance day. he too bought a blowjob from a prostitute.
  3. Ouch
    Maybe if these men weren't such complete pieces of garbage, they might actually get a FREE piece of ass now and then.
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