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Suspected Food poisoning. Gross T.M.I. Warning!

  1. DHCdiva
    Warning. This blog entry contains gratuitous

    I have been awake all night with crippling stomach pains, dizziness, shortness of breath etc.
    It seemed to get to it's worst at around 4am, hubby said I passed out, so he called for a doctor to come.

    Doctor arrived, and I couldn't stop sicking, but i felt like i was choking at the same time. Stuff was coming up, but there was so much, not enough was coming out....biiiig pieces. I sicked up a huge massive whatever it was, and i'm so glad the doc was there coz i really tgought i was gonna choke to death - plus this thing was so big it was unreal.

    I am cold, shaky, hurting, and keep throwing up, but it's the same scary situation. It's horrible. It just keeps forcing its way up but theres too much to come out and not enough room in my throat!

    Doc thinks food poisioning. I think i'm vomiting those underwater pods out of the film "Cocoon".


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