Suspected pot grower tries to disable camera, gets mug shot taken

By chillinwill · Sep 3, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A suspected marijuana grower who attempted to disable a police surveillance camera set up at his rural pot patch only succeeded in providing authorities with a close-up, officials said.

    A landowner in the town of Hamilton near West Salem reported finding the marijuana plants growing on his rural property in early July.

    Police then installed a surveillance camera in a nearby tree.

    When the suspected gardener showed up at about 4 a.m., he apparently noticed the camera and climbed the tree to shut it down, authorities said. The camera instead snapped a picture of his face.

    La Crosse Area Crime Stoppers now need the public's help identifying the man. Investigators said his first name might be Jeff.

    By Tribune Staff
    September 2, 2009
    LA Crosse Tribune

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  1. fuelBrain
    I'm diggin the gardeners hat that he's wearing at 4 am

    Next time take the camera with you
  2. dyingtomorrow

    Or bash the shit out of it. Or set it on fire ... so many options. What an idiot.
  3. g666d
    Swim is sure that's bruce. Yep, definitely bruce
  4. old hippie 56
    Kinda looks like bruce. Cowboy found one of them cameras before, remember, always work on it from the back. duh!
  5. missparkles
    Just cover it with a plastic bag, then disable it. Or spray the screen with paint.:s
    I suspect he was thinking once it was disabled, they wouldn't be able to identify him.
  6. anonuser30500
    Rewind this a little and ask what could have happened to Swim or Swiy if we had some land and someone decided to grow a stash on private land legally tied up to you or I!

    Bear in mind, there are plenty of off the beat tracks to grow weed outdoors, especially in the USA. This grower was lazy or stupid, he chose a spot most growers would say to avoid. Private land, owned by someone, might well have cameras and will usually have owners looking around their land. Americans (and most peoples) are notoriously protective of property and it is no surprise the plants were spotted.

    As for breaking the camera - not much use these days, as if its wired or wireless then the photo/video will be on some hard drive indoors! You would add damage of property or theft (if you stole it) to the charge of cultivation.

    For a judge, theft is always bad. Could easily make the difference between probation and so on or actually jail time.

    Also trespassing plus maybe some other charge relating to tampering with evidence. Worse still, smashing the camera would likely tie you up with cultivating the plants. Had Mr Hat just looked at the plants, there is no charge bar trespassing.

    In Swims pond, it is likely any outdoor growers head to the hills. You would put ten miles between you and any sign of towns or cities. Most harvest thieves are too lazy to snoop about in some off the beat area in the middle of nowhere. Cops do not patrol areas in which no people live. Little point really.

    Planting in someone's garden or on private land is not really a good tactic.

    The dude should have fled the scene when he saw the camera - not put his uncovered face right in front of the lens. Almost like he is posing for an avatar on Drug Forum. Someone will have it I'm sure!
  7. One Eyed
    This idiot has made it into my hall of fame in the form of my new avatar.

    What an absolute imbecile.
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