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Sussex LSD sales result in prison sentences for N.J., Pennsylvania men

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Sussex LSD sales result in prison sentences for N.J., Pennsylvania men

    GREEN TOWNSHIP -- Two young men have been sentenced to state prison terms for selling LSD to an undercover police informant, the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office said.

    Larry Dale Martocci, 19, of Saylorsburg, Pa., was sentenced to six years in prison and Michael Elias, 19, of Monroe Township, was sentenced to four years in prison for their parts in the sale of more than 100 milligrams, or more than 100 doses, of the hallucinogenic drug to a person cooperating with the prosecutor’s Gangs, Guns and Narcotics Task Force.

    The sale occurred on Aug. 5 in Green Township in Sussex County.

    Martocci pleaded guilty Nov. 9 to first-degree distribution of a controlled dangerous substance. Elias pleaded guilty the same day to being an accomplice in the sale, a second-degree offense.

    The two men were sentenced on Jan. 30 by Superior Court Judge N. Peter Conforti.

    By Joe Moszczynski/The Star-Ledger
    February 04, 2010, 5:54PM


    COMMENT: 6 years in prison for 100 hits of LSD :mad: Utter insanity... :confused: (considering the "guilty plea" gotta wonder how many years they were threatening to do them for if they went to trial... )


  1. Raoul duke420
    Fucking hope that undercover narc dies of cancer of the dick. Now the taxpayer gets to pay for more non violent drug offenders prison time. such bullshit. :(
  2. UseIt~or~loseIt
    yah that makes me sick to my stomache in way that nothing cures it, if those kids had that access, i Guarantee they have 12 friends who are ENLIGHTenD because of there efforts
  3. godlike1213
    If swim knew the narc the narc would be no longer alive.
  4. Terrapinzflyer
    The turtles got to say- this attitude is highly counter-productive. Combining violence with drug distribution only adds to its stigma. That said- the turtles aardvark tells him that in the LSD world, certain "Crimes" - mainly rape and MAJOR narcing where punished by the administration of a gram of pure LSD.

    The aardvark still vividly remembers a major player having been busted with a major quantity of raw lsd and days later walking on to lot at a grateful dead show surrounded by feds- pointing out all the main players. he tells me 36 friends went down that day. No one ever managed to get to her... he says he still has nightmares about that day, 20 years later.

    Really, the truth is no one can say how they will deal with the harsh reality of a bust. Over 90% of those in prison in the US for drug offences accept a plea deal, all too often to avoid piled on charges that make them face prison sentences more then rapists and murderers. Many more accept the role as informant to avoid draconian punishment. And in many cases, those with familys/kids to support, the turtle actually feels some sympathy. The problem is more the so called justice system...
  5. Samadhi
    'more than 100 milligrams or more than 100 doses'

    those are two very different amounts, whereas 100mg can make 1,000-100ug doses, 100 doses much less than that, if math is right, ten times LESS than that.

    Sending someone to jail for having/selling 100 doses of LSD is sad, swim watches countless criminals commit unspeakable acts and show no remorse in court and still not go to jail for as long as a manufacturer/pusher of LSD. Bizzare laws keep brilliant chemists locked up while rapists run free.
  6. Terrapinzflyer
    ^^^ yes- the turtle ~assumed~ that this relates to carrier weight- ie, they weigh the blotter seized and don't actually adjust for the actual amount of drug present. As a sidenote, it seems the ecstasy pill smugglers coming down from canada are now charged relevant to weight of the pills seized and not to the weight of the actual drugs contained therein. In the LSD world there has always been a dichotomy of those that chose blotters for their quality as a carrier and those that chose them for their weight. (Interestingly enough- the Brotherhood of Eternal Love survivors used a very thin/lightweight paper that was laid very strong- and when fresh was
    (in)famously wonderful.
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