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  1. Phenoxide
    Swedish docs identify deadly legal drug

    A team of Swedish forensic physicians have concluded that nine young people have died over the past year after having taken the legal drug Krypton.

    Krypton is sold widely over the internet and is marketed as a safe drug but the risk of overdosing is high, the physicians have observed.

    "Krypton reminds me of other opiates such as morphine. It is not some sort of party drug," said Björn Bäckström, who works at the National Board of Forensic Medicine in Umeå, to the local Västerbottens Kuriren daily.

    Bäckström, together with colleagues Gisela Classon, Peter Löwenheim and Gunilla Thelander, have penned an article published in the medical journal Läkartidningen warning of the risks of Krypton.

    The National Board of Forensic Medicine receives intakes after deaths from across Sweden and one case involving Krypton led the physicians to consider the effects of the drug and found several more cases.

    The Krypton-related deaths are spread across Sweden and involve both heavy addicts and occasional users, while they all concern people born in the 1970s and 1980s, the newspaper reported.

    Krypton is derived from the south-east Asian plant kratom which has been traditionally used for potency and to improve mood. Aside from the leaves and extracts from kratom, Krypton has also been found to contain caffeine and the synthetic opioid O-Desmethyltramadol.

    O-Desmethyltramadol is a breakdown of the product tramadol, which is prescribed in moderation to alleviate severe pain and when taken as Krypton is turned into tramadol in the liver and becomes more potent.

    It is due to this high potency contained in the O-Desmethyltramadol that the risk of overdosing is considered high, leading to respiratory paralysis.

    The Swedish physicians expect the extract and opiate to turn up in other forms if they are not classified as narcotics.

    "That is one of the purposes of the article - to bring attention to this drug so that it should be narcotics classified," Björn Bäckström told the newspaper.

    The Local
    29th December 2010, 10:14 CET

    Thanks to ianzombie for drawing attention to this article.


  1. torachi
    Scotland's new lethal high

    [imgl=]://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=1484&pictureid=11894[/imgl]A LEGAL high linked to at least nine deaths in Europe and on sale in Scotland for as little as £10 a time must be banned, politicians said yesterday. The drug, called Krypton, is made using the deadly combination of a narcotic Asian plant called kratom and a powerful medical painkiller.

    It is completely legal and widely available on the Internet, as well as from at least one “head shop” in Scotland.

    But authorities in Sweden have linked Krypton to the deaths of nine young people in the last year and are set to make it illegal in that country.

    Gisela Classon, of the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine, yesterday urged the Scottish Government to investigate if there have been any fatalities here, adding: “I would be rather surprised if there weren’t any since this drug is globally available.”

    Ms Classon was one of a group of Scandinavian physicians who have just published a paper exposing the dangers of Krypton.

    She said: “As we wrote in our paper, nine young people died in Sweden from October 2009 to October 2010.

    “All died before arriving at hospital of intoxication of O-desmethyltramadol (a lab manufactured metabolite of tramadol and more potent than its ‘mother drug’) and mitragynin (the active substance in kratom).”

    The high potency of the drug leads to a high risk of respiratory paralysis, especially among youngsters.

    Ms Classon’s colleague Björn Bäckström added: “Krypton reminds me of other opiates such as morphine. It is not some sort of party drug.”

    The Scottish Sunday Express discovered Krypton on sale at the Drift Headshop on Edinburgh’s South Bridge. It was available in various different amounts, from £10 for one gram up to £85 for 12 grams.

    Labour’s shadow justice secretary Richard Baker yesterday led the calls for Krypton to be added to the list of illegal drugs. He said: “We have already seen moves in this country to ban substances like mephedrone which had been used in so-called ‘legal highs’ and been connected with serious harmful side-effects.

    “However we need to be vigilant as new ‘legal highs’ are produced and it is right for UK ministers to consider banning these substances as well as warning of the dangers of using them.”

    A spokesman for the UK Home Office said they work closely with advisors to decide on reclassification on any drugs.

    However, a spokeswoman for the Scottish Drugs Forum said the problem with legal highs is that there seems to be an endless supply coming to market.

    She added: “This is a cycle which keeps going around and the authorities are struggling to keep track of everything.

    “Our advice is that there’s a lot we don’t know about these substances so people really don’t know what they are getting. It is simply not worth the risk.”

    The drug mephedrone – known as meow-meow, M-cat or bubbles – was outlawed last year after it was linked to a number of deaths across the UK.

    Last week, it emerged mephedrone has been replaced by similar ‘party drugs’, including Diablo and Eric 3.

    Sunday January 2,2011
    By Paula Murray


  2. LordeV
    SWIM wonders when journals will stop using over-the-top adjectives in the headlines. Also, he is seeing a trend here:

    Second newsletter posted here in the last two weeks with this same, exact phrase. Doctors should write one day about what constitutes a party drug just to clear things up.
  3. Terrapinzflyer
  4. Dole654
    god damn it. this will only end in kratom, an exceedingly safe herbal, being given a bad name... how much ya wanna bet this spins out into 'kratom is killing people' without consideration of the decrease in seizure threshold tramadol provokes....
  5. frost458
    swim just received 25g of kratom today, he just come back from the grocery and bought black tea and sugar.

    now swin is afraid, he was planning to pour 5g of powder in a cup of tea and swallow it (powder included)

    now swim is not sure anymore
  6. Joe Duffy
    ^ This thread refers to a substance sold under the name ‘Krypton’ kratom.
  7. phenythylamine
    ^^ yes kratom wont kill you do not be afraid, worst case scenario you throw it up. these reported deaths are supposedly due to desomethyltramadol, which is an opiod research chemical (meaning a chemical that hasnt been fully studied.)

    Kratom is safe but when laced up with RCs (as some irresponsible vendors are doing,) it could be a recipe for disaster.
  8. Alfa
    The fact that the krypton packet says 'kratom', does not mean it actually contains kratom.
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