Swedish police gets extended rights. Your Home appliances spy on you.

By Triple7 · Dec 29, 2007 · Updated Dec 29, 2007 · ·
  1. Triple7
    From 1st Jan 2008, police will have the right to spy on anyone. They are allowed to listen to any persons conservation on the phone, they have the right to wire anyone and they have the right to use secret cameras and microphones to place anywhere to spy on anyone. There is no suspect needed and no permissions are needed for spying. They do not even have to inform the citizens that they are spying on someone. The same applies for internet, they can check and collect ip/dns logs on anyone and they are even allowed to open mail (real mail: letters and packages) without notice. Already, they can search homes without any warrants. Yet, they do not have the right to collect contents of e-mails.

    Swedish police, asked several times for permission to construct own viruses and troyans, but are officially denied to do so.

    The whole internet has 13 very big routers. Almost all traffic goes through these 13 routers. The swedish military (FRA) bought the second fastest computer in the world. This computer might be used by police to survey and to spy on random people on internet. One of these big routers, is in Stockholm Sweden, meaning they can intercept quiet a lot information. The super computer (which they bought in purpose to survey and cracking encryptions) and the right to monitor internet traffic, might be one of the most powerful IT-tools in the world. During 2007, USA has funded Sweden a lot capital to develop and research anti-terrorism technology. It is quite evident that lot of internet traffic passes Sweden, even when the source and/or destination for the traffic isn't within Sweden. It seems EU and Sweden are cooperating better and better.

    FRA itself, asked wanted permission for spying on all contents for use against terrorism. The largest party, social democrats, who are not in rule, voted against this. In next government change, the social democrats might win, and then allow FRA to spy on all internet traffic passing Sweden. In USA there is Echelon. Military is usually ahead about +10 years in encryption before the public. There have been cases, when scientists in the public thought certain encryptions were safe, but in real they were easily decrypted by military. What the reality is right now today, is unknown.

    You might be happy that you don't live in Sweden. But maybe you didn't know that your mobile phone can be used as tracking and hearing device without your knowledge. All mobile phone and mobile network developers have nested in these functions on every mobile device. For example, if you walk with your friend, without usinf your phones. Your locations are tracked and saved and it is therefore evidence on that you guys met. Use the search function to find more about this in this forum.

    Your photocopy machine leaves stamps on papers, so does your scanner, digital camera and printer. Maybe your software does it too? By help of these stamps, it is possible to track where you bought the device and from there decide your location. There is quite a lot electronics that leave tracks. Just try to figure how the police found the London bombers so quickly.

    I am not sure if USA wants to catch Bin Laden, but if they do, then they haven't just because he is all low technology.

    Shit in your pants? Come to shit into my pants too. ;) :p

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  1. Coconut
    Any sources for this?
  2. Triple7
    The new rights starting from 1st Jan in written in Swedish papers in Swedish. I don't know any English sources. The home appliances and mobile phones, is stuff I knew for a while and I lost the sources. They were in Swedish too. The FRA stuff were in heavy debate in Sweden. I've just composed the stuff without reading some sources. The router stuff, I read somewhere else, got no source for that. This new is just composed by me. Sorry that I don't have much sources.
  3. bob_arctor
    For us who understand swedish, sources would still be valuable. Thanks! :)
  4. Triple7
  5. Pondlife
  6. turmoiled
    myfreind they are already doing this stuff ,long before they decided to let you know ! 9/11 bullshit excuse to blame everything on the muslims and terrorists and offcourse your personal freedoms are going to go to the shits
  7. turmoiled
    far as i am cocerned Bin laden is already dead, dont believe what you see in those bullshit videos!!what a bullshit excuse to combine intelligence all over the world, to control politics drugs religion economics in your country and your personal freedoms.
  8. chemlove
    Seem like the term personal rights has been thrown out the window. Its a shame ! I believe that once the citizens around the world are use to this, they will only make it worse. It seems like a big vicious cycle (something bad happens, they make it worse for us, we grow complacent and except it, then something else happens and they make it much much worse). I wish gov would go back to the roots and protect human privacy and human rights.
  9. hh339
    True. Very true. They've listened to SWiM and friends on and off since forever (this is a fact, and not some speed paranoia thing..), even though no crimes were commited, except for smaller bullshit crimes like possesion of 30 grams of hash or a few grams of amphetamine, which would NOT be enough to get permission to "bug" SWiM's phone, not in Sweden.

    Cops commiting crimes... sounds familiar somehow.
  10. ilPadrino
    maybe its really time to getahold of a gsm/gps-jammer.. ;) been thinking about it for awhile.. does anyone know about the swe-laws concerning those devices?
  11. Pondlife
    I think the police are only a tool used by the politicians. Of course they welcome the additional powers, but I don't think they are the main players.

    War on terror, war on drugs, both are used to further control the population.
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