SWIM spoke too soon...

By silentghost · Jan 17, 2008 · ·
  1. silentghost
    Can it really take 4 hours to kick in?

    Robogels are a tricky thing. SWIM is thinking about grinding them up into a smoothie or something next time lol.

    SWIM can't keep staying up this late waiting for his trip to start (even though he is enjoying it now). It is seriously 5 hours since SWIM dosed and only now is he aware that he is feeling the effects of a DXM high.

    The robogels have such a thick coat around them nowadays that SWIM's stomach doesn't seem to finish digesting them for hours later.

    SWIM REALLY needs to get his hands on some powder or at least some friggin cough spray. 5 hours???? Christ!

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  1. fnord
    That would be tasty!
  2. Greenport
    Yea it's the coating. SwiM used to poke a hole in each one and use pliers to 'squeeze' out as many drops as ya can from them into a cup. It's really nasty tasting and smelling lol. Swim suspects swiY could filter it to get a pure solid powder, too.
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