SWIM's first RC experience!

By Metomni · Jan 28, 2008 · ·
  1. Metomni
    SWIM also posted this in the RC forum, but wants to keep his trip reports on his blog now that there's one here at the forum. It'll make it easy to keep them journaled.

    So SWIM experienced his first experience with this, or with any other research chemical, last night. FYI, SWIM has experienced quite a few of the most common psychedelics (mushrooms, LSD, mescaline, DXM, salvia) numerous times, so he is pretty familiar with the type of experience. Because of this he felt comfortable doing 20 mg for his first experience, but after doing so would say that half that would be a good initial dose for anyone not experienced with psychedelics. SWIM had a great time, but he could see himself having a very bad trip if it was his first trip; the trip was VERY intense and VERY enveloping.

    Dose - 20 mg - Time-released capsule - Swallowed with a glass of water
    Height - 5'11"
    Weight - 135 lbs
    Duration - 8 Hours

    SWIM ate a quesadilla right before ingestion, but other than that he was running on a very empty stomach. Earlier in the night he did about .3 grams of cocaine so he hadn't eaten much and was feeling pretty good. SWIM also smoked a considerable amount of very good marijuana ~30 minutes after ingestion and again about 2 and 5 hours into the trip. While smoking was very nice, SWIM did not feel the cooperation of marijuana and 2C-E that he usually feels when smoking on mushrooms or the other natural psychedelics.

    1:00 am - Ingestion - SWIM pops the capsule with a nice glass of ice water.

    1:15 am - Initial signs - SWIM expected to wait about 90 minutes before feeling anything, but only 15 minutes in he already feels strapped to his chair. He really likes this fast onset.

    1:30 am - SWIM and friends smoke a bowl, SWIM feels really good after the bowl.

    2:00 am - SWIM notices his visuals are the most intense he's ever experienced already. The best he can yet describe some of his visuals was that his entire spectrum of sight was honeycombed. Each honeycomb was pulsating and moving ALL night. He also got some crazy swirl visuals where he would look at something and then look at something else and the first thing would stay in his minds' eye and the things he was looking at would swirl together into one image. He also got some of the most intense tracers, at some times throughout the night it appeared that there was a meteor shower going on right in front of him. Walls and angles were also very slanted and distorted. Just EVERYTHING, was amazing, this is the only drug that has given SWIM the types of visuals that he imagines for more than just like the very peak of the trip. For 8 hours, the entire trip, he had these visuals. The extremely long peak was amazing.

    3:00 am - SWIM gets a BACK MASAGE. It was the most amazing thing ever, a friend of his rubbed his back for about an hour and popped it several times, it was one of the most amazing experiences ever. The physical feelings of the back rub were guiding SWIM's mind and in turn causing images and scenes in his mind, it was so so so amazing and completely indescribeable for the most part.

    4:30 am - SWIM's friend (completely sober) takes him and another friend also tripping to McDonalds for food and a car ride. Watching the scenery outside was amazing and moving in the car was extremely fun.

    6:00 am - Surprised to still be tripping this hard, SWIM and a friend smoke another bowl and eventually watch the new animated Ninja Turtles, but only for about half the movie.

    At about 8 SWIM wants to go to bed and falls immediately to sleep. He wakes up at 5:30 pm feeling WONDERFUL. No hard comedown and absolutely no hangover. SWIM smoked a bowl about an hour ago and is feeling perfect right now.

    Aside from salvia, and possibly SWIM's most intense mescaline trip, this was the "hardest" trip of SWIM's life. If SWIY wants intense visuals and a very very intense trip, this may be a good choice of drug for them.

    Also, when SWIM trips all other psychedelics he trips for a very long time, an eighth of mushrooms puts him out for like 12 hours, for example. With this, even with it's intensity, he was done tripping and able to instantly fall asleep in about 8 hours. Also, he had absolutely no times where he experienced extreme feelings of hot or cold as with all other psychedelics. All night, SWIM was pretty out of it and outwardly appeared to have a bad trip actually, but in SWIM's mind he never had a bad moment.

    SWIM thinks he knows what everyone means about the drug being "dirty" - or at least that's how he's heard it described - but he believes that that very feeling is part of what made his trip so different from all others. He didn't feel it was dirty, just very different, but he also had no hangover or hard comedown. He will try this again, but not for a while, it's not something he sees himself doing a lot, though he is trying 2C-B next weekend, and will report that experience as well when the time comes.

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  1. chemlove
    Sounds like you had a great time

    TMNT how much better can it get then that.

    SWIM always finds himself watching Willy Wonka and the chocoalte factory (new version Depp) while on RC's not that he likes the movie a lot or anything but its realy colorful and seeing the big room made completely of candy always blows his mind (especially for some one working in one currently).
  2. Metomni
    SWIM has thought about laying out Willy Wonka for a trip, but has never actually done so, maybe it's time he decides to finally go through with the decision.

    Another very good movie is the Incredibles, kind of for the same reason as TMNT, the animation styles.:thumbsup:
  3. Humanity
    Great report, I really enjoyed reading it!
    I'm happy swiy had a great time, and swim can't wait to try his share of RCs in the future... he thinks 2C-E might be the optimal choice. Now he does anyway :)
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