SWIM's weekend is starting a day early!

By silentghost · Jan 11, 2008 ·
  1. silentghost
    1/10/08 - SWIM just got home from another crappy day. He's only been sober 2 days from his last 300mg DXM trip (he went for 7 days sober before that). Already wishing he could dose again... maybe if only 300mg.

    SWIM is starting to think he may have an addiction. He tripped again in the middle of the week on his day off because he was very very depressed after no caffeine/DXM/Alcohol for a week (only drugs SWIM does). SWIM had just recovered from a very bad trip that ended his first couple months of reckless DXM abuse.

    300 mg also hasn't been doing what it use to for SWIM. He still enjoys his walks, music, and high, but it only felt like 150mg last time.

    SWIM use to think this was just a caffeine withdrawl + stress, but he has had plenty of coffee/sex today and still feels like shit.

    More to come...

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