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  1. lostmente
    Even with all the planning, all the soul searching, all of the manipulation Alex had to do

    to get to this point
    he never imagined something like this would come about in his life time.
    A desperate man in a desperate time. The plague had taken its toll on every side, shown no discrimination

    The rich, the poor, the higher or lower of life in the known galaxy, all were feeling this escalating decay.
    Some said it was the mark, the final act of malice for deeds done long ago.

    With every breath the darkness sank deeper. As a last thought, he wondered if death would be more pious.

    He knew that the transition would radically change him, but his very being? fortunately

    something did remain.
    Something found millennium ago in the ruins of a long forgotten civilization, the writings

    left behind were scoffed to
    be nothing more than a misguided race of self proclaimed prophets' who saw no hope in their

    future so created a goal
    for their humanity to work for. The perfect structure. Something that had no opposite.

    In an instant and over infinity his being disseminated across the fabric, in that moment

    everything was as it should be. Caste away were the structures that all life built itself around, everything he was was in reality one. The artifact remained,and now that he was able to observe it in its entirety he finally understood how one enters it. A vessel waiting for its passenger.

    Actually entering the artificat was not something he had considered, but when a path is laid down one has tendency to fulfill ones obligations.

    "Reset procedure commencing"

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  1. savingJenniB
    Like the "reset procedure commencing" ~

    Have been actively working on my own reset procedure ~ the goal being to Listen ~ yes, I'm trying to make it a habit ~ my habit ~ to listen.

    "Reset procedure, you arrogant twit," I say to myself.
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