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  1. squeezix
    Synaethesia was something Swim could rarely achieve in a calm enough state in his younger days. Swim was a bit reckless when he was a youth and listened to a lot of punk rock, very chaotic music. While Swim did listen to a lot of rock and roll as well, it was usually at a live venue if he got to use any psychedelics to go along with it, so it's a hard place to find a quiet space with which to experiment. Which is not to say he didn't have decent visuals and CEV's, he just never had any memorable ones set to a musical background.

    So a friend turned him on to some Dubstep. "Stimming" is an artist he likes the most. It's funny, "stimming" is what people who suffer from autism do. They feel things, like wool or satin and get caught up in the tactile sensations. It's not a term you'll hear in any textbook, but he knows people in the Autism biz.......

    Anyway, Stimming is exactly what he does when he listens to them, as they have this um, circular beat (?) that begins an almost Tantric rotation in his mind and body, it helps form the space in which his closed eye visuals manifest. This Stimming is not tactile, it is entirely psychedelic. Whatever movement the visuals take on do not pulse, rather they move to the rhythm of the sounds. This phenomenon is more prevalent for him during experiences with 2 Carbon psychedelic phenethylamines. He thinks part of that effect has to do with the body high that they give him. It also manifests much easier when he begins my trips with MDMA, as the Ecstacy floors him so that he has no choice but to lay back and enjoy and feel his body and mind while it experiences music.

    These are very organized visuals that he can actually rely on, given that he stick to his schedule of no more than twice a month, usually less.

    He is very grateful to be at a time in his life where he can finally stop to smell the roses and actually come back here and express himself. Hopefully he will be able to paint one of these CEV's, but he's not sure if he has the technical proficiency to accurately relate these visions in an artistic medium. Alex Grey comes close, but Swim bets he can't even reproduce his visuals.

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  1. NeuroChi
    dubstep :cool:

    Well written by the way too, the 2C's are an interesting family of compounds and MDMA will only amplify the experience.
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