"synthetic mushroom" powder seized

By halftone · Apr 28, 2007 · ·
  1. halftone

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  1. Nagognog2
    Due to links no longer working in the future, here's the story:

    Police on lookout for new, dangerous designer drug

    April 26, 2007 08:24 PM

    An off-duty Jasper police officer made an unusual and dangerous find while having lunch last month. That off-duty officer was at a Jasper restaurant when he noticed what he thought was drug deal taking place in the parking lot. He saw two men exchanging money and a plastic baggy with an unknown substance in it.

    So, the officer called an on-duty officer to the scene. They arrested both men, both 19 years of age. One of the men is identified as Doug Maitlen, of Jasper. The other man arrested was Andrew Schmitt, also of Jasper.

    The officers say the two men had more than three grams of an unknown white powder, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and almost $600 in cash. Both face several drug related charges.

    Police later learned the white powder is an unusual and dangerous drug that has only been seen in Canada, Minnesota and Washington state. They also learned that it was purchased from China over the Internet and was shipped to Jasper. But they're concerned that small amounts of the drug may still be floating around in Jasper and Evansville.

    It's a designer tryptamine type drug, described as a synthetic mushroom that has hallucinogenic qualities.

    Police are warning parents to monitor what their children may be buying over the Internet. Many of these type drugs come from foreign countries that don't regulate their pharmaceuticals.
  2. Alicia
    i love how cozy they and safety they get when the journalism writes there stories always makes swia feel like an outcast.

    Dangerous drug huh... don't you just love that...

    but then again thats what people get for doing exchanges in the wrong places.

    maybe pure psilocybin.... mmmm:crazy
  3. allyourbase
    described as a synthetic mushroom....

  4. darawk
    The best part is that they're not even sure what the substance is, but they've already labelled it "dangerous". Lovely.
  5. grandbaby
    ^Absolutely standard protocol. If you're a cop talking to the media about a drug, it's "dangerous" ipso facto. You wouldn't want to say (closer to the truth) "It appears that the drug is 4-AcO-DMT, a close analogue of the active ingredient in so-called 'Magic Mushrooms', heh heh. Yeah, it's pretty harmless. The worst it'll do is give you a big ol' psychedelic ass-whuppin', but you ain't a-gonna die off it. Fact is, it's pretty popular on the internets!"

    Yeah, I thought that was funny too.

    Jasper, Indiana! No pokey li'l Pleasantville is safe! Lock up your daughters and enlist your sons in the army! The Chinese are out to get us! *koo koo*
  6. Alicia
    no one needs any labour for rail roads these days but an excuse for a modern day and age opiate to come in to play is always welcomed. RIP old opiate dens... :(
  7. Heretic.Ape.
    These types of substances have been shown to lead to ruined lives, and such horendous behaviors as vagrancy (following jam bands around), gang related activites such as flashing gang signs (sometimes called "peace" signs), subversive political activity (peace rallies, environmental advocacy, communal living), et cetera. It's a good thing our leaders recognize this threat to the very fabric of our society, without such clear headed leaders social collapse could result from these dangerous substances.
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