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T In The Park announces ban on legal highs.

  1. John Doe
    T In The Park announces ban on legal highs.

    T In The Park organisers have confirmed a ban on legal party drugs at this summer's event.

    Festival bosses announced today that traders will no longer be allowed to sell 'legal highs' on site - including the controversial Meow Meow - and that anyone caught attempting to distribute such substances will be ejected.

    A statement from DF Concerts said: "Drugs are no more acceptable at T In The Park than they are anywhere else and the same risks and penalties apply.

    "Our ongoing planning process with event police and medical teams will address any change of status with regard to 'legal highs', but, at present, our ongoing instruction to vendors is the same as in previous years - these substances are not permitted for sale at T In The Park.

    "Organisers will work closely with those responsible for vending at the festival to address any breach of this instruction on site. In addition, if any ticket-holder is found to have these substances in their possession during random bag searches, they will be confiscated."

    Drug amnesty bins will be made available at the event should festival-goers wish to dispose of any drugs as they enter the site.

    T In The Park takes place from July 9 to July 11.

    Saturday, March 27 2010
    Oli Simpson


  1. Equal Observer
    Shock and horror. A complete breach of liberty. We all know that our pet polar lions will be using life-enhancing drugs at T nonetheless.
  2. ianzombie
    Of course they would not even think about banning alcohol from the venue, despite the fact that most violence at music festivals is alcohol related they could not do without the sponsorship money. Swim imagines if they received sponsorship money from the Legal High stalls/vendors they would have no issue with it.
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