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  1. Fight Club
    I have made a decision to take a break from DF.

    This decision rests on my belief that my recovery cannot move forward until I let go of the last vestiges of my addiction to cocaine.

    I have great respect and empathy towards the DF community, and especially the friends I have made here.

    It is with regret that I choose to physically seperate myself from the community, but feel that my participation here is its own form of addiction, and one I must satisfy myself that I can break free from at least in the near term.

    Please rest assured that I am with all of you in spirit; that I am healthy, growing, and serene; and that I will return at some point in the future, at least to see how all of you are *being*.

    Thanks for all of your support, and providing a sense of community during the past seven months. I love all of you and will remember the important role each of you played at one point or another.




  1. Alfa
    Stay strong Fight club. Remember to give us an update on how you are doing.
  2. savingJenniB

    I will miss you, friend.
  3. cyndi
    Why don't you visit the recovery section instead of just leaving? Something to think of. Your wisdom will be missed.
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