Taking Tramadol break

By tramster · Aug 19, 2010 · ·
  1. tramster
    Swim has decided to re-establish control over his Tramadol use today by taking a break, and having no Tramadol for 24 hours. His first break in over 3 weeks! Swim is unsure what to expect..

    Swim woke up quite late around 8.30am, and had slept quite a long time, having gone to bed earlier around 11pm.

    Got up feeling really groggy, severe catarrh, massive aching shoulders and back, and feeling really tired and not motivated. This is a feeling I've been used to, and a reason why swim takes Tramadol to feel functional.

    After a cup of strong tea and a couple of slices of toast, feeling much better. Time to have a bath and do some housework, will keep busy today.


    14:00 swim feels ok. No withdrawal symptoms and no cravings. Energy level is lower than usual of course, but not too bad, still able to get some work done and function fine.

    15:30 swim struggling to keep going. Extreme tiredness and really low energy. Don't think it's withdrawal or related to Tramadol. Just poor quality sleep. Drinking another cup of strong tea as a stimulant to keep going, got work to get done. Looking forward to relaxing though and
    having an early night.

    18:00 swim managed to finish all his work, despite feeling incredibly tired and lethargic as the evening approached. This is not unusual though and swim experienced this normally even when he was previously not taking Tramadol.

    21:00 swim has had dinner and can now see the finishing line in sight. Feeling very sleepy, falling asleep on sofa so swim will have an early night.

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  1. Marcusboxberg
    Good luck. And don't give up. No at least before the first 36 hours. Then is when you will start to feel the real effects of withdrawal... if there are any. Your amounts are high but not incredible high. A bit of control (and not having pain due to any other disease) and you will be back home.

    Hope a pleasant night! Keed us up to date!
  2. ForcedZen
    Good luck. SWIY can do this. How much tramadol was SWIY taking daily? My kangaroo was taking roughly 1g a day for a while, and had no real withdrawal issues.
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