Tampa man arrested with 34 pounds of 'magic mushrooms'

By Phungushead · Apr 14, 2009 · ·
  1. Phungushead
    Tampa man arrested with 34 pounds of 'magic mushrooms'

    A Tampa man was arrested Sunday evening when approximately 34 pounds of psilocybin mushrooms were found in the car he was driving toward Gainesville.

    The mushrooms, which are best known for their hallucinogenic effects, were found in a car being driven by Antonio Miguel Fernandez, 28. A Florida Highway Patrol drug dog alerted to the presence of drugs in the car after Fernandez was pulled over for wearing a headset while driving.

    FHP Trooper Mike Jordan stopped the 1991, two-door Buick that Fernandez was driving at 5:55 p.m. Fernandez had been northbound on Interstate 75 when he was pulled over at mile marker 379, which is about three miles south of Gainesville.

    FHP Lieutenant John L. Gourley said that after the drug dog alerted on the car, troopers discovered “several jars, coolers, and plastic containers containing Psilocybin mushrooms, as well as other evidence used in the manufacture and delivery of the controlled substance. Marijuana was also discovered in the vehicle.”

    Gourley estimated that an ounce of the dried mushrooms would sell for about $255, putting the value of the mushrooms at $138,720. Troopers reported finding $3,280 worth of marijuana in the car, as well.

    Fernandez was charged with trafficking in psilocybin, unlawful manufacturing, possession and distribution of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, attaching a tag not assigned, and no motor vehicle registration.

    Fernandez was being held at the Alachua County Jail on Monday.

    According to the U.S. Attorney General’s National Drug Intelligence Center, psilocybin mushrooms are indigenous to tropical and subtropical regions of the U. S., Mexico and South America. People who swallow the mushrooms typically feel the effects within about 20 minutes and the effects last about six hours.

    In addition to nausea, vomiting, muscle weakness, drowsiness, and lack of coordination, the mushrooms are hallucinogenic. Federal officials noted that some people who thought they were taking a psilocybin mushroom have taken another, poisonous variety that was similar in appearance.

    By Karen Voyles
    Staff Writer

    Published: Monday, April 13, 2009 at 7:55 a.m.
    Last Modified: Monday, April 13, 2009 at 7:55 a.m.

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  1. radiometer
    The picture attachment icon on this thread turned out to be a big tease!! :)
  2. sandoz1943
    That was his mistake. Florida law places dried mushrooms as a higher offense than dried mushrooms. The idea is that if they are dried they are being sold and distributed. If they are wet it is a lesser offense because then the farmer could theoreticly be charged with growing them. Some smart guy with a lawer a few years back went that route. The judge had to admit he didn't understand the law in Florida regarding mushrooms. Why he was driving to Gainesville is a mystery. I went to school there and the place is surrounded with cow fields. SWIM says Horay! It's finally raining! Hunting season has begun.
  3. EyesOfTheWorld
    What kind of idiot does something as stupid and obviously illegal as wear headphones while driving a car loaded to the gills with drugs? Also, although price discussion is forbidden, of course the cops had to overstate their case. Ounces of mushrooms do NOT go for as much as the price quoted in the article, especially in a state where they grow wild. Monkey's ex-fiance was from florida, and she told him it was not uncommon for one 5 person picking session to yield trash barrels full of 'shrooms. She told him she had planned to drive up to New England with a vehicle filled with them but the plan fell thru at the last minute. This was 5 years ago........she and Monkey could have still been living off the money from that voyage had she made it.
    Note to every swimmer:
    Although transporting large amounts of drugs is illegal and wrong and no one should do it, if SWIY is bound and determined to do it anyway, do NOT do anything stupid that could cause police to pull SWIY over for something minor and lead to a big bust.
    No headphones on while driving
    No texting and driving
    Don't drive too slow or too fast
    Make sure all lights work, including brake lights, directionals, head and tail lights, license plate light etc. Have someone help SWIY visually confirm this
    Make sure all tags are legal, all paperwork is up to date, insurance paid off, license valid etc etc
    Don't break stupid traffic laws. If it says "no turn on red", don't turn on red, no matter how many times the asshole behind swiy honks their horn
    Don't drive even the slightest bit intoxicated
    Don't keep alcohol in the vehicle even if it is sealed and not being drank
    If swiy is prescribed benzos, opiates or other psychoactives, keep them out of plain sight, even though they are legal for swiy, cops can and will use them as a reason to hassle swiy
    Keep the car neat and clean
    Avoid "offensive" bumper sickers, political stickers, Grateful Dead skulls and the like.
    Be safe out there.
  4. LsDxMdma
    that dude should get a life sentence for being guilty of stupidity
  5. DopinDan
    "Federal officials noted that some people who thought they were taking a psilocybin mushroom have taken another, poisonous variety that was similar in appearance."

    Interesting how the corporate media had to throw that last line of ambiguous bullshit in there, in hopes of creating some hysteria and support of their police state.
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