Tapering schedule for the next few months.

By Tryptomaniac · Jan 26, 2016 · ·
  1. Tryptomaniac
    I currently have 20 capsules of tianeptine filled with about 400 ish mg of tianeptine left. This is my plan i used 5 capsules today as i have been the past 3 weeks. So tommorrow is tuesday.

    Tuesday: 4 capsules of tianeptine 1 in the morning 1 before work around 5 and 2 an hour before bed to sleep.

    Wednesday: 3 capsules of tianeptine 1 in the afternoon around 4-5 and 2 at night for sleep.

    Thursday: 3 capsules of tianeptine 1 in the afternoon around 4-5 and 2 at night for sleep.

    Friday-sunday: 2 capsules of tianeptine and 5-15 grams of kratom. 1 capsule of tianeptine in the afternoon and one at night plus kratom as needed no more than 15 grams in a day.

    Monday-thursday: 1 capsule of tianpetine daily each at night before bed to help with sleep, kratom through the day as needed i will be in lots of pain here i imagine so im not putting a limit on grams.

    At this point my tianeptine will be gone. For the next week i plan on using 15-20 grams of kratom daily, the week after that im dropping my dose to 5-10 grams with loperamide. Then i will be using some benzos klonopin and etizolam to sleep with kratom as needed. Then the third week i plan on going even lower 5 grams daily and then week 4 i will be down to nothing and plan on using loperamide starting with a high dose and lowering my dose daily for a week untill im down to a basic dose. I will use this as needed and then stop.

    I plan on being completely clean by august if i absolutely need to i will continue to use kratom for awhile after the plan here but by august i want to be off that to. Idk guys im happy im quitting but im feeling kinda scared right now. Wish me luck friends.

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  1. chupamivergaguey
    My experience tapering from tianeptine ended up being a crazy ride of kratom, tramadol, whatever tianeptine (sodium, freebase, sulfate) I had left, flubromazalam, and some loperamide. My best results were from going cold turkey, but they weren't pleasant. You might try something other than tianeptine for sleep, or a seriously smaller dose at bed time. I know it sucks waking up every 3-4 hours, but you might could avoid that with something like melatonin. Once you're done with the tianeptine, the hard part comes when you start thinking about ordering more. Support groups help keep that part of the habit in check. Good luck.
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