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Teen accidentally ‘pocket called’ cops during drug deal

  1. torachi
    15744.jpg Dopey Daniel Moore, 18, was in the middle of buying prescription drugs when he ‘pocket dialled’ 911.

    The emergency services operator took the call and dispatched officers when she heard several individuals ”talking about a drug transaction involving prescription narcotics”.

    Officers traced the location of the call to a fast food restaurant in Hall County, Georgia, USA and rushed to the scene.

    While the police chatted to members of staff at the waffle house, the dispatcher advised them she could hear their voice – indicating Moore’s location.

    Officers then arrested the shocked teenager after finding him in possession of a number of Xanax tablets.

    Hall County sheriff spokesman Col. Jeff Strickland said: “For us to record a drug transaction as it transpires, that’s a first.”

    Xanax is a drug prescribed for people suffering from anxiety and depression. It is sometimes used to provoke sleep by people who have recently taken drugs like cocaine and LSD.



  1. passtheflask25
    sounds like a snitch with a good cover up story
  2. Dragos
    LOL Thankfully my phone only pocketdails the last number called!
  3. bubbly nubs
    If he was a snitch, do you really think they would be putting his picture up for the public eye? Isn't there some sort of law against this?
  4. passtheflask25
    'tis true. however it could be all part of his elaborate scheme to make him look more innocent. i mean, it is such a crazy coincident to dial 911 whilst in the middle of a transaction.
  5. kailey_elise
    This doesn't sound right.

    The MAJOR issue I have with it is...have you ever dialed 911 from a cell phone? I have, from various cell phones with various cell phone providers; they have NEVER directly connected me to the local police. They always have some operator on their end answer the phone, then have me tell them my location, THEN connect me to the local police emergency line (this doesn't take very long, btw). Since then, I've put the 'local' numbers to the police stations in my area so I can call them directly, even though it's not the 'emergency line'. I have also added local numbers for ambulances.

    Additionally, what, were the kids STILL standing at the counter, so the dispatcher could hear the cops talking when they got there to chat with the staff? Also, how would they know WHICH customers were THE customers? Unless they were the only customers in the shop...

    Also, really? These kids were STILL there, after they accidentally butt-dialed the cops, the dispatcher figured out what was going on AND the cops drove to said Waffle House? Did the kid have his phone in a shirt pocket or something? I've had people butt-dial me before, and it's not always that clear what's been said; usually I just hear some kind of static & sometimes various words if the person spoke loudly enough. I realise this could be different for different people, though; perhaps the kid was wearing thinner pants or something.

    I dunno, it just doesn't add up correctly for me. *shrug*

  6. chaos69
    He probably called 112 which redirects to the countries emergency number. 112 will call from a mobile phone even if the keypad is locked and will go on any network it can find so its more likely to work even without reception. Though it is pretty impressive they were able to get cops to the location in time if it is true.
  7. kailey_elise
    So, upon checking the Urban Legends Reference Pages to see if this story (or something similar) had come up, I found this article, which states that idiotic criminals call 911 on themselves with surprising regularity. In the article, it *does* mention that there have been a number of cases where the criminal's CELL phone dialed 911 & then they traced the call through the phone's GPS.

    I still find this a bit odd, as I thought pinging & triangulating a cell phone's position only gave you a rough estimate of where the cell was at the time. Obviously, in the case where they were robbing an auto body shop, there's a decent chance that was the only auto body shop in that area. But other ones...I'm not sure.

    Anyway, I guess certain cell carriers somehow *do* connect you directly to your local police department, though as I said, none of the carriers I've tried have done so.

    I'm still not sure how they knew exactly where they were...how'd they know they were at Waffle House? Unless someone was ordering waffles, or the waitress was all "Welcome to Waffle House!" & the dispatcher heard it, I still think it sounds a bit off the mark...

  8. Seaquake
    triangulation accuracy depends on the density of cell towers in the vicinity, so by and large in city centre / shopping areas there is a greater density of cell towers than there are in a rural are, so they can be pretty accurate without having to have gps location. my old phone could still dial the emergency number here even if it was locked - it had real keys though rather than a touch screen.
  9. TooFastTim
    Sounds pretty fishy as mentioned b4 most cell phone companies in the U.S have E911 you even have to sign an acknowledgment saying that you know that a 911 call willy be directed to your local law enforcement and when you dial you will get a call center

    Also A pocket dial sounds like random noise. I don't by it for a minute either the kid was a snitch or the story is hokem
  10. bubbly nubs
    I've been "pocket called" a few times. Usually its all noise but occasionally I do get pocket calls where I can hear exactly what is being said. I mean come on, is it really that far fetched?! No. Its not.
  11. Ghetto_Chem
    Swims friend has been pocket dialed and pocket dialed others many times, it seems a regular occurence for him actually. And has caused him many problems.

    One time he accidentally called a buddy, when he was talking about that guy right there and then. He heard his name and parts of the conversation, but not all of it. Then he calls back all pissed off thinking swim was talking shit about him, when in reality he was trying to have his back.

    Another time he pocket dialed his friends house, the mom picked up and sat on the phone for ten minutes while swim and his buddy sat there talking about drugs lol. Needless to say that didn't go over great either.

    Sometimes they sound like static, but every once in awhile its possible to hear the person. At least faintly, and if enough words are heard, it could happen. Also not all phones work the greatest, any person that gets fucked up knows how easy it is to drop a phone. Swims friend has had phones that just do random stuff sometimes after a few good drops, including pocket dial on random.

    The one thing he can't wrap his head around is how it selectively dialed the numbers needed to make the 911 call. Most of the time, he pocket dials a person he has already talked to previously. As it will accidentally get into his list of recent calls, then go from there.

    As bubblynubs said.. This is not as far fetched as may seem.

  12. kailey_elise
    I don't think it's far-fetched to pocket dial, or that a conversation could be overheard, or that you can triangulate someone's location, or that the kid(s) would still be at the location.

    I think it's far-fetched that the cosmos aligned SO perfectly for all this to take place, PLUS them somehow knowing which people were the ones involved in the drug deal, that the phone dialed 911, etc etc.

    And can you really triangulate someone's position that fast? Don't you have to call the cell company or something & get them to help you? Honest question, I'm not being snarky. :-

  13. bubbly nubs
    It does seem rather perfect doesnt it! Whats the chances of that? Pretty low I imagine, but I wonder how many times 911 is pocket dialled in any given month. It could be hundreds. Eventually it had to happen.

    Probably the drug deal took place outside the waffle shop, then they were like "hey, lets pop into waffle house". I dont know about other people, but if there was a waffle house in the UK (at least in the city I live in) I know It could never be a 2 minute stop off... If the waffles are like the ones you buy in Holland.... mmmmmmmmmmmm :crazy
  14. Ghetto_Chem
    Ya thats something that makes no sense... Most people like to usually do the deal then split, as no one likes to stick around the scene of a "crime". No one does a deal in any food place then chills afterwards, just doesn't happen. Unless they were completely confident that they had pulled the deal off without suspicion and were sitting down together to have a waffle lol. Swims friend usually grabs and goes, but he guesses everybody is different.

    Swims friend was more saying before in his first post that pocket dialing is possible, but the rest of the story doesn't fall together too well.

    Unless the speed in which they solve crimes is actually parallel with CSI.

  15. Dragos
    I've pocketdialed my baby sis while talking with a kinky friend about when a tv remote was one of us kids being directed to change the channel on the tv to one of the other 2 available channels and when black and white tv's where the norm and there was no microwaves. She finally hung up and called be back saying, "Yes, she remembered those days!" I'm so glad it was here as she knows her Big bro is weird and kinky! LOL
  16. luvrespectnrg
    It's a believable story to me. A friend's pet bobo monkey has pocket dialed the police once I think 112 was all he needed to hit becasue the number lock function had been not working on his phone he was on a bad spice trip and then he hears the 911 operator who somehow turned on the speaker phone and the voice coming loud from his monkey jeans pocket. needles to say the pet monkey was freaked and had to apologize and got a call back as well.
  17. Herbal Healer 019
    I have found my phone on 911 (not in call mode, but on the screen waiting for me to press the call button) after pulling it out of my pocket a few times.

    Alot of phones have 911 set to a speed dial number; so if you press 1 it calls emergency services.

    This could have easily happened to any number of ppl, although for it to happen right in the middle of a drug transaction is a seriously freak accident.

    Sucks for him.
  18. Terrapinzflyer
    All cell phones now have GPS - and that information is automatically given out to the dispatchers when one calls 911. (logic being that if someone calls 911 and then is unable to communicate they at least have the location to dispatch emergency services to). It is actually against the law for a cell company to activate a phone that is not "location enabled" in the US.
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