Teen caught breaking into jail with pot

By BlueMystic · Jul 30, 2005 · ·
  1. BlueMystic
    Teen caught breaking in to NZ jail sent back to serve time
    July 29, 2005 - tvnz.co.nz

    A teenager caught smuggling marijuana into a prison has been sentenced to a week in one of its cells.

    Johnathan William Reedy appeared in Hastings District Court on Thursday for attempting to break into Hawke's Bay Regional Prison on July 24.

    He pleaded guilty to charges of unlawfully being in an enclosed yard and supplying marijuana.

    Police prosecutor Sgt Dave Greig told the court that Reedy, 17, had climbed a perimeter fence into the prison grounds on July 24.

    He was seen making a mobile phone call at a second fence before throwing two items into the prison and running off, he said. The items later were found to be an apple and a bag containing 28 grams of marijuana, Greig said.

    The phone call was believed to have been to a prison inmate to ensure the items were picked up.

    Reedy later told police that members of a gang had given him the apple, marijuana and mobile phone and told him to get them into the prison.

    In sentencing Reedy, Judge Russell Johnson described his actions as an "affront to the system".

    "It's a challenge to the very heart of the justice system. He breaks into the prison and tries to subvert it by throwing drugs in," the newspaper quoted him as saying.

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  1. Cure20
    Could you imagine if that was you sitting with the oter imates while they are asking you, "What are you in for?" and your reply is, "Breaking into a prison and throwing some weed over the fence."

    I would be so embarassed to say that I would make up some other story.[​IMG]
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