Teen charged with killing pal - Mushrooms played a part, say police

By London_Bloke · Sep 22, 2006 · ·
  1. London_Bloke
    Hallucinogenic mushrooms played a role in the Putnam shooting, police say

    By BRIDGET MURPHY, The Times-Union

    A Putnam County teenager faces a murder charge after authorities said he killed his 17-year-old best friend with a single shotgun blast after the two apparently ate hallucinogenic mushrooms.

    Deputies arrested high school senior Charles Wesley Goddard, 16, on a second-degree murder charge Wednesday after an investigation into a Sept. 15 shooting at the victim's home.
    It left Edward Justice Finney Nock with injuries to his head, back and shoulder, authorities said. The teen died a day later.
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    Deputies arrived at Nock's Hardrow Street home in Satsuma after a 911 caller reported hearing a disturbance involving gunfire. They found Nock on his bed and his friend in the living room. They seized two guns from the residence, which was in disarray, authorities said.
    Rescuers took Nock to the hospital by helicopter, and deputies had to use a Taser to stun Goddard after he beat his head on the inside of a police cruiser and tried to kick out its windows.
    Authorities arrested Goddard after the medical examiner determined Nock's death was a homicide.
    "You've got two lives destroyed totally," Sheriff's Office Maj. Keith Riddick said Thursday, adding that the families of both the victim and suspect were cooperating in the investigation. "... You've got a boy who's got to deal with the fact he killed his best friend."

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  1. Alicia
    Gotta blame something right...
  2. Paracelsus
    agree with swialicia, they found out about the shrooms and now they're saying Goddard did this because he was high on shrooms.

    in the next couple of days: "kids, dont take shrooms or you will become a murderer."
  3. Alfa
    More articles on this would be welcome to shed some light here. Which Times-Union is this? I can't find this article online.
  4. Alicia
    swia would find it impossible to kill herself or kill anyone on psilocybian containing mushrooms if thats the ones in question here, but thats just swia . due to how universally peaceful they make her feel towards others and other living things despite the fact when sober she can sometimes be a nasty piece of work..Not sure about the amantis ones thou as she hasn't explored them yet.but she has heard they were used by some cultures before war as they can cause rage full states apparently..
  5. Creeping Death
    What does a 16 year old kid have a shotgun for anyway?
  6. Alicia
    'for 16 year old shot-gunning of course.. yeh i know its silly, just as silly as this news article. so i thought why not. :crazy
  7. SPWIM
    They're just using it as a scapegoat so they can escape a 1st degree murder charge.
  8. London_Bloke
  9. London_Bloke

    If you'd read the article, you'd see that the comments linking mushroom use to the murder are being made by the media and law enforcement, not the young man charged in the crime. He is a juvenile and his attorney has his mouth taped shut (as well he should) and he is not being quoted in any way. The young man has been arrested in connection with the incident but has not been formally charged.

    So no one is "using" any excuses to "escape" anything yet.
  10. Alfa
    But as the media is playing this, it would be the obvious way out to say the mushies made him do it and plea temp insanity. We'll see.
  11. London_Bloke
    Very true, Alfa... the place where this happened, near Palatka, Florida, is obviously a very small town (about 45 miles south of Jacksonville). You can just imagine the talk flying around a town that size when they brought this kid into the hospital, with taser marks and a bloody head from banging it into the cage of the cop car. Knowing southern cops as I do, my inclination is to say that his head probably had some help from Officer Friendly.
  12. Trebor
    In Ireland, what cuased the shroom ban was a guy jumping out of a window. Now, Swim loves mushrooms and he never once felt the need to jump out a window. What the press never said was that he [guy who did jump] was drunk. They couldn't blame alchohal becuase that counts for too much revenue for the Irish government. Mushrooms on the other hand, maybe a few grand at most. Just a scape goat. Blame the thing that's smarter and noone will bat an eye.
  13. Nagognog2
    If an attorney is trying to use the "He was high and crazy so he's not guilty - temporary insanity" excuse, that is the worst lawyer in Florida. It doesn't work for alcohol. Or pot. Or huffing spray-paint.

    But there are so many holes in this story that one could drive a tractor-trailer truck through it sideways.

    How do we have any knowledge of mushrooms here? Police said "they think" and media reports "they think." Think = Nothing. Who says the kid shot anyone? The parents? Was dad having a casual evening with a case of Billy-Bob Beer? Did dad have any previous calls to police about sonny-boy being a druggie? Did dad have any guns?

    Way to early to say what will pan out from this media dog & mushroom show. But if I were handling this case, I'd be demanding all records on the family be turned over immediately. Then work on a change of venue due to the media involvement.
  14. Nature Boy
    Ah the mushies. Always controversial aren't they? Blamed for so much. Another one for the propaganda machine.
  15. London_Bloke
    He has been formally charged with second-degree murder.
  16. El Calico Loco
    Note also that they are just referred to as "hallucinogenic" mushrooms - that doesn't necessarily mean psilocybin. Kids could have been eating fly agaric or something. I could see deliriants leading to violent, erratic behavior in someone who is unstable to begin with (like a hormonal teen).

  17. SPWIM
    Yeah but it's a win-win situation. The boy isn't gonna argue because he'll escape a longer sentence so he allows the media and law to use his case to spread anti-drug propaganda in return. As soon as he says the drugs played no part, the 1st degree charge comes in so there's nothing he can do but sit and watch them lie.
  18. London_Bloke
    You're absolutely right, sad to say


    Of course, you are right. I see so many lives ruined and I hate to watch the train wreck - issues obscured in the interest of furthering agendas that have nothing to do with this kid or his (alleged) crime. As Nagognog mentions, I'd really like to see this kid's family history/DFS file. The media and the police are all talking about 'shrooms when they should be talking about gun control. That is the real magic trick here, the misdirection.

    To my mind, that is the conversation that half of America is afraid to have.
  19. London_Bloke
    A little more (just a little) more info

    It would seem that the info about the mushrooms is coming from the victim's mother. This is from today's edition of The Palatka Daily News:

    [SIZE=+1]Arrest made in Sept. 15 murder; PCSO: Victim’s mother says youths had been eating hallucinogenic mushrooms[/SIZE]
    By Wes Wolfe PALATKA -n A 16-year-old Satsuma youth is in a juvenile detention facility in St. Augustine, charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of a friend on Sept. 15.
    Charles Goddard allegedly shot his friend, 17-year-old Edward Nock of Satsuma, just before 11 p.m. with a 16-gauge shotgun. According to the medical examiner, Dr. Terrance Steiner, Nock died from a single shotgun blast of bird shot that hit his head, back and shoulder.
    The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office does not have a motive for the killing. However, Nock’s mother told detectives investigating the case that both youths were eating hallucinogenic mushrooms that night. By state law, possession of unaltered hallucinogenic mushrooms is not against the law.
    “We don’t have a motive right now,” Maj. Keith Riddick said. “It would be logical to speculate that maybe he had a bad reaction to the mushrooms, but as direct evidence, I can’t say.”
    According to information obtained from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s and U.S. Department of Justice’s Web sites, mushroom trips usually encompass hallucinations and feelings of euphoria, along with distortions of colors and sounds, and last about four to six hours. Depending on the person, the mushroom and the amount ingested, some people can have adverse reactions including feeling paranoid and overwhelmed, experiencing stomach pains, diarrhea and nausea.
    “Charlie appears to have had the epitome of a ‘bad trip,’” Riddick said. “Is that what caused him to shoot his best friend? The mushrooms may have been part of it, but the fact of it as far as a criminal investigation goes is he shot and killed his friend. It’s just like any other intoxication defense n that’s up to the state to figure out.”
    Deputies responded to the scene after receiving a call from Nock’s mother at 11 p.m. and were advised that there was a disturbance and a shot had been fired at the residence in the 100 block of Hardrow Street in Satsuma.
    The deputies found Nock with a gunshot wound, lying in his bed, according to a sheriff’s office news release. The release states Goddard was lying on a bay window seat in the living room of the house when the deputies arrived, where he was secured and placed in a patrol car.
    Once in the car, he became violent, according to the release, banging his head on the partition and trying to kick out the car windows. One of the deputies attempted to calm him down, but Goddard became violent again and the deputy had to use his Taser, the report says.
    Nock was flown to Shands-UF where he passed away Saturday. The deputies took Goddard to Putnam Community Medical Center where he was treated and released to his mother. He was arrested at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday after Circuit Judge Art Nichols issued a juvenile warrant for Goddard’s arrest for second degree murder with a firearm. He is being held at the St. Johns Juvenile Detention Center.
    “One of the things that we stress in the law enforcement community is parents need to be involved in their lives,” Riddick said. “Not to say that these parents were not, but parents need to know what their kids are doing, who they’re out with, what’s in their room. And you need to make sure you have your firearms secured, because if these firearms could not have been taken, this may not have happened.”
  20. Nagognog2
    "...And you need to make sure you have your firearms secured, because if these firearms could not have been taken, this may not have happened.”

    Ah ha! I knew it was daddy's gun! Now for daddy!
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