Teen claims cops in drug raid left her naked, gloveless body cavity search

By chillinwill · Oct 14, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A teenager claims police broke down her door while she was half-naked in her bathroom, performed a body cavity search on her rectum and vagina without gloves and forced her to sit naked while they searched her house for drugs.

    Cozetta Davis, 19, filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against multiple unnamed Chicago Police officers and the city of Chicago. The officers are named John Does in the suit.

    Davis just finished taking a shower in her home in the 100 block of North Laporte Avenue about 2 p.m. on April 21 when an officer entered the bathroom with his gun drawn. Several other officers then entered the bathroom, and one of the officers began staring at her breasts. She was not allowed to cover up her body, according to the suit.

    Officers handcuffed Davis, removed the shorts she was wearing and spread her legs, allowing other male officers to walk by and see her undressed body, the suit said. Officers performed a body cavity search on Davis's rectum and vagina without gloves.

    During the search, Davis asked for permission to obtain a sanitary pad because she was menstruating at the time, but officers did not allow her to do so, the suit said.

    The officers made Davis sit in her living room naked while they searched her home for drugs and other drug paraphernalia. Officers repeatedly ignored pleas from Davis to allow her to get dressed and obtain a sanitary pad while they searched the home, the suit said. The officers told her to shut up and be quiet.

    After approximately two hours, Davis was uncuffed and able to put on a shirt.

    When the officers left, Davis found a search warrant on her table that named a person whom she did not know and the scope of the warrant was for cannabis and other drug paraphernalia.

    The suit -- which claims illegal detention, illegal search and seizure, and civil rights violation -- seeks in excess of $50,000 in damages.

    October 14, 2009

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  1. EscapeDummy
    I hope those bastards get sued in every kind of court imaginable. Why don't these type of stories hit the major news stations, and stay 'local'?
  2. jgarlopa
    Cowboy thought that only the LAPD would do such a thing. He would like to go to Chicago and whoop some ass, but he's not allowed to own weapons himself.
  3. caltrain208
    Really! It doesn't even make sense for someone in her own home to store cannabis or any substance for that matter in a body cavity. Sounds to me like the police were just perverted and abusing their powers.
  4. sandoz1943
    Sounds like rape to me. Just because she might have some weed does not excuse this type of behavior. This is a 19 year old girl for gods sake. Her dad should go down to the police station and smack some heads around. No jury would convict a father after they heard how his daughter had been treated.
  5. DiiZZy_D
    Thats bs cops do whatever they want whenever they want, and lie, steal, and now rape... cops are corrupt as fuck
  6. podge
    Perverts abusing their power ... absolutely disgusting abuse of power. The poor girl. Who actually cares about people selling or abusing drugs in contrast to this sort of perverted misuse of power, makes a swimmer want to puke. Had i a younger sister who was put in such a situation i would certainly lose my mind in rage. Poor girl.
  7. EscapeDummy
    Exactly. It's rape plain and simple, and the officers should be held accordingly.
  8. jgarlopa
    Cowboy thinks this woman deserves much more than $50k. She was violated by those who (ideally) should be trusted more than anyone else.
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