Teen Cleared In Cookie Case

By satinhide · Jul 11, 2008 · Updated Jul 12, 2008 · ·
  1. satinhide
    Story relayed from another site (startelegram.com). Amazing how people jump the gun, huh?

    [h1]Watauga teen cleared in police cookie caper[/h1]
    ccarlisle @star-telegram.com

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    Lake Worth police say that Watauga resident Christian Phillips, 18, delivered a basket of LSD-laced cookies and candy.

    Eighteen-year-old Christian Phillips was released from the Lake Worth jail Thursday afternoon after tests on cookies he delivered to Blue Mound and Lake Worth police came back negative for drug substances, according to his attorney, Patrick Davis.

    The Watauga teen was released into the custody of his father after spending almost two days in jail. A second-degree felony charge of tampering with a consumer product was dismissed.

    "We are just very disappointed that everyone went and convicted him right away," Davis said. "We are disappointed that no one ever gave him a chance."

    Phillips had been delivering cookies to area police departments for Mothers Against Drunk Driving as part of his community service for a previous arrest in Watauga.

    The Lake Worth and Blue Mound departments said the cookies field-tested positive for drugs. But when they were sent to the Tarrant County medical examiner's office, they tested negative, Blue Mound police Lt. Thomas Cain said Thursday.

    "But I could smell marjuana," said Cain, 58, who has been in law enforcement for more than 30 years.

    A cookie tested positive twice for marijuana when Blue Mound officers tested it earlier in the week at the police station. Like many area police departments, Blue Mound used a small testing kit that includes a plastic pouch and acid. A sample is placed in the pouch, shaken and officers wait for a result -- a blue-violet color indicates a drug.

    "There was probably some residual," Cain said.

    The teen had told Lake Worth investigators that he did not put drugs in the cookies but that friends may have been using marijuana while he baked them, police said.

    Cain said that it was rare for a positive field test to test negative during a more detailed examination.

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  1. mickenator
    It's typical of the police to use the 'shoot first ask questions later' tactic, just because this lad had been un trouble before.
  2. chillinwill
    well thats good to hear even though it shows that the police do jump the gun quite often....SWIM just thinks that if the teen really had done this, he would just be asking to be caught and IMHO, SWIM sees no point in doing this to all of the police departments....maybe 1 and then get the fuck outta there but not all of them
  3. Beeker
    Thank god! He would have been looking at 15 to life if they had proved he did lace the items.:thumbsup:
  4. cra$h
    it's always interesting hearing the other side of the story. just goes to show, what's veiwed as the moral side isn't always right
  5. Panthers007
    Those "tests" consist of a solution of Cobalt Thiocyanate. This stuff turns blue in the presence of everything from lead paint to laundry detergent. Hence the cops use 'em - and everybody goes to jail.
  6. Cuberun
    So.. where the hell did the LSD come from?
  7. Milk man
    He smelled marijuana duh...what else does LSD smell like.
  8. Rhin

    Yea, exactly what I was thinking. Weed and LSD are two totaly different things these cops shouldn't even be cops if they are just doing this for the fun of getting people in shit.
  9. AntiAimer
    This whole story is bogus let alone these tests they use.

    Yeah, ok. If anything it sounds like a cannabutter(some type of mixture) gone wrong.
  10. Panthers007
    "Blue Mound" sounds like an inflamed hemorrhoid to me. But the kid made one stupid mistake: "The teen had told Lake Worth investigators that he did not put drugs in the cookies but that friends may have been using marijuana while he baked them, police said."

    Which says he bothered to address the cops. He should have just kept his mouth shut. I hope he gets a good attorney and sues Blue Mound into a landfill.
  11. N0ly
    Blue Mound cops are the worst. They have nothing better to do than sit on the side of the one major highway running through the place and pop anyone going more than 5 over. Based on Swims experience with these cops he is not surprised that they jumped to marijuana or LSD, it would most likely be one of the few drug related cases they would get.
  12. Greenport
    "You see, most people don't know that marijuana is a mild form of acid..."
    -Chris Griffin

    And surely that kid still thinks highly of the law huh?
  13. pipolito
    My cat wondered what episode that was quoted from... he kinda wants to see it :p
  14. Coconut
    It's from the episode "Deep Throats". Chris states that THC is a mild form of acid. I saw it a few weeks ago and almost gagged on my chocolate in disgust.
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