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Teen Gets Pulled Over For Speeding, Swallows Entire Bag Of Meth & Dies

By Diverboone, Jul 15, 2013 | Updated: Jul 16, 2013 | | |
  1. Diverboone


    19-year-old Madeleine Gene Richardson swallowed the meth in her car when cops pulled her over for a normal traffic stop. The college student studied at Lone Star College in Texas. She was in the car with friends when police pulled her over for speeding on Friday. During the stop, police saw marijuana and pipes in the vehicle. As a result, Richardson and Gary Keife, the 20-year-old driver, were arrested. A third female passenger was released, but Richardson and Keife were charged for the drugs and paraphernalia. They faced a Class-C misdemeanor.
    As she was being driven to jail around 3pm on Friday, police noticed that Richardson looked extremely sick. Officers quickly suspected that she had taken something. Richardson admitted that she had swallowed an entire bag of meth before being put in the police car


  1. Freedom of Mind
    Another causality of the War on Drugs, it will probably be to late for many more before enough people realize drug prohibition only harms people and causes problems with no benefit.
  2. trdofbeingtrd
    This fucking sucks.

    People who do not know enough about drugs (Thank you so much educational system) because they are not taught properly about drugs in the school systems.

    See, people think that it's conspiracy talk, which kind of brings feeling of "woo" to the subject when it comes to the schools systems (notice I did not just include public schools, but even private schools) not teaching properly about psychoactive substances and what they REALLY do.

    If you were to wonder if your next door neighbor knew that swallowing a baggie of methamphetamine over a mysterious certain amount would kill them......sadly, this one did not. That's sad, information is free, but yet this young lady did not know it. Well, I can't see her knowing it and still doing it, the time in jail/fine/probation is not worth tossing it all away. She was never taught in her schooling different important information (again that is free) that what would happen if she thought she was alright.

    It's such a tradgedy that while this young lady is not a statistic by any means, she was her own individual self with a life that cannot be valued, not by any means we know of, so it's just as sad that she is added to all the countless people (remember they have names and are NOT a statistic) that were their own individual selves.

    Information is free people, it's up to us to share it, with everyone. It's the best reason I can think of for web-sites (yes, this one in specific because I believe it is the best) to stay open and continue to save people through communication of that information.

    May the young lady and all the tragedies of life and death because of drugs RIP.
  3. Freedom of Mind
    If it was enough meth to kill her, then it was likely enough for her to face prison. I think a lot of people would swallow it even if they knew they were likely to OD from it, as the thought of jail, legal fees, all the disappointment, your future being ruined, etc, can make any alternative seem better in the moment.
  4. reef88
    It's entirely her fault, if she hadn't been an ignorant she'd know better than to swallow a whole bag of meth. She had a choice, and she made the wrong one. I don't want to be an asshole, but frankly I have a hard time feeling bad for people who make stupid decisions and end up paying for it.
  5. Freedom of Mind
    Who forced her into making a choice between prison or death though? Personally I'd rather be dead than be in prison, live free or die as they say. Living life like some kind of livestock is no life at all...

    If someone was forced to choose between getting raped or dieing, I doubt you would be saying its entirely their fault they died if they refused to get raped. With how much rape occurs in prison the options she was weighing could very well of been something she considered worse than being able to choose between being raped or dieing.
  6. trdofbeingtrd
    Yes, but again that is because she is a teen and she probably does not have the facts, but instead what she is taught and other influences (such as non knowledgeable teens) that led her to feel that way. I am not saying you are wrong, I am saying that it always seems to boil down to information and communication of that information.
  7. bluestar
    I shudder at the possibility that she was aware of the consequences of swallowing the substance. If someone is already in a downright miserable place, the threat of felony or jailtime could be enough to push them over the edge into self-destructive behavior.
  8. reef88
    Nobody forced her into doing anything. With certain lifestyles come certain risks. Unfortunately for some people we live in a society where certain drugs are illegal, and if you choose to go down that road, from that point forward it's your responsibility to deal with whatever happens. She must have been aware that, if she would ever find herself in that situation, she would most likely go to jail for possession. She made her own choices, and those choices led her to where she is right now. If she were smarter (assuming she didn't know she could die from ingesting the bag of meth), she could have avoided dying, and maybe even going to jail.
  9. Hey :-)
    I understand the concept of taking responsibility for oneself , but , this is also how i see this situation ;

    It is the law that forces or attempts to force people into not taking most drugs . This is where i see the force .. with the law .

    I do not agree that drug use should even be a legal issue , but that's beside the point .

    This young lady chose to resist that which is imposed . After being arrested , her choices were further limited . Whether she swallowed the drugs through a lack of information or whether it was a deliberate act of suicide , her fate was still a tragedy IMO .

    She was still someone's daughter .
  10. reef88
    I'm not saying she was a bad person or that she deserved to die, of course not. I'm just saying, the War on Drugs has no responsibility for what happened.

    By the way, I can't be 100% sure about this, but I doubt she swallowed the drugs in an attempt of committing suicide. I'm pretty sure she just wanted to avoid going to jail.
  11. xrayspexx
    it is very unfortunate that she had to die to ignorance, intoxication and an out of control regulatory system. HOWEVER she chose to get meth, use meth, and eat that bag of meth, she would not have gone to prison unless it was quite a hefty amount or her 2nd or 3rd offense, I live in the strictest state in america when it comes to meth use and production (guess which one) and you almost always get a night in jail and rehab for first offense especially if your a young stupid girl who parties too much. she would have got a slap on the wrist. sad.
  12. quickiB
    I highly doubt she wasn't aware of meth's potency in the amounts she took it. This really has nothing to do with choice outside of the fact she had a bag of meth. They were perhaps unwise in their time/place o use, but its not like there was a lot of deliberation in her mental calculas. She was young, she would likely be imprisone for a long time, face disappointing her family/friends, get a criminal record, and essentially have her future destroyed. What she did was clearly an impulsive, instinctual action. That's why soldiers captured by their enemies do the same thing with cyanide pills or such. It involves no choice, immoral nature, or poetic justice on te part of the girl. This is in fact completely the fault of the drug war. Kids are stupid and they don't plan ahead or take adults/the law seriously for idiotic endeavours like said war. So anyone here who said se deserved it or its all her fault need to deal with their inadequacies and victim-blaming outside of these occasions.
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