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Teen held after breaking head shop ban

By akack2, Feb 22, 2010 | |
  1. akack2
    A 15-year-old Dublin boy facing robbery and public order charges has been remanded in custody after he broke a court's ban on him from going to head shops, which sell so-called legal highs.

    The boy was charged at the Children's Court on Friday last with being intoxicated to an extent he was a danger to himself and others, on Dublin's Foley Street, in the early hours of that morning. He was already facing another charge for taking part in a mugging and was awaiting sentence for a separate trespass offence.

    On Friday, the teen had been ordered to obey a nightly curfew at this north Dublin home and “to stay away from all head shops in Dublin.”

    This came after Garda Seamus Donoghue told Judge Clare Leonard that the boy, who was accompanied to his case by his mother, was heavily intoxicated when he was arrested last Friday.

    “I would not say it was alcohol,” he had said, adding that if the boy were not arrested “in the state he was in, I do not see how he would have turned up to court, he was highly intoxicated.”

    Yesterday (MON) Garda Donoghue objected to bail telling the court that in early hours of Sunday morning, he arrested the boy again under the Public Order Act for being intoxicated. He also said that the boy admitted “that he had been at a head shop earlier.”

    Judge Leonard heard that the boy's mother thought her son was in bed at the time.

    The judge revoked bail and remanded the boy in custody for one week.

    Directions from the DPP are being sought in relation to an alleged robbery of a man on Dublin's Amiens Street, on February 3 last.

    In an outline of the robbery allegations, Garda Lorna Healy had said the boy and another male approached a man.

    The court has also sought pre-sentence probation report on the teen, who had pleaded guilty earlier to trespassing in staff rooms in the Jervis Street Shopping Centre, in Dublin, on October 27 last.

    22/02/10 - 02/22/10


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