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  1. akack2
    Teen questioned in connection with cocaine haul

    A teenager was being questioned by gardaí today after cocaine with a street value of €60,000 was seized.

    The youth, believed to be under 16, was stopped in Chapelizod Hill Road, Dublin, at around 8.30pm yesterday.

    Drugs were seized both at the scene of the arrest and at a house in a follow-up operation.

    The teenager is being held at Ballyfermot garda station under Section 2 of the Drug Trafficking Act.


    09/01/2010 - 18:17:15


  1. Syphr
    Wow! That's really all SWIM can say. Kids carrying drugs, especially large amounts just seems so, well, tragic. Went from hiding the drugs inside kids toys to putting the drugs on the kids. How low will it go?
  2. ianzombie
    Seems to be a growing trend in Ireland. Last year young kids were found transporting Heroin around Neighbourhoods in Limerick for dealers.

    Swim regularly sees one girl dealing heroin from her baby's pram. Very sad.
  3. akack2
    By Shane Phelan

    Monday June 29 2009

    YOU don't have to look far for evidence that children are increasingly being recruited as "baby foot soldiers" for organised crime outfits.
    The Children's Court in Dublin has dealt with dozens of cases, in recent years, where it emerged children acted unlawfully under the influence of adult criminals.
    Last year, 25 cases involving a combined total of €4m in illegal drugs came before the court.
    The defendants were aged between 13 and 17. Many said they were coerced into carrying or hiding drugs.
    While there were far fewer instances of children coming before the courts in Limerick, gardai there also face a growing phenomenon of young people being drawn into criminal gangs.
    Last year, the city's leading garda, Chief Superintendent Willie Keane, spoke passionately about the massive challenge facing the authorities if this cycle is to be broken.
    Mr Keane, who has since been promoted to Assistant Garda Commissioner, said the gangs were preying on children from dysfunctional families.
    "There are no role models in these families. There is no sense of responsibility instilled in these young people. And there are no standards either," he said.
    "The children see the gangs, maybe, as family and get drawn and sucked into the gangs. Then, they are used to carry out the gang's activities."
    - Shane Phelan

  4. chillinwill
    Than you for posting this. Please make sure to include the author of the article, the date of the article, and the name of publication at the bottom of your thread. Please see the guidelines for proper way to post news articles for more information.
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