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Teen hikers on meth may be forced to pay up to $160,000 to cover costs of search

By 5-HT2A, May 6, 2013 | Updated: May 6, 2013 | | |
  1. 5-HT2A

    Two teen hikers lost for days in a California forest might have to pay for part or all of the $160,000 search after a small amount of drugs was found in their car, authorities said.

    Officials initially said Nicolas Cendoya, 19, and Kyndall Jack, 18, wouldn't be responsible for search costs. But Cendoya was charged this week with drug possession because methamphetamine was allegedly found in the car the pair parked before going on a hike last month in Cleveland National Forest.

    "The recent drug charge on Cendoya may change things," said Gail Krause, a spokeswoman with the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

    Cendoya was found three days after he and Jack disappeared. She was found four days later. Both were dehydrated and delirious, and remembered little of their ordeal, including how they were separated. They also said they had hallucinations, with Jack saying she thought she was being attacked by animals.

    "They didn't go out there to hike, they went out there to get high. And they got disoriented," Orange County board supervisor Todd Spitzer told the Los Angeles Times.

    Spitzer said all options are being considered, including civil and criminal action. He hopes to have a recommendation to the board in the coming weeks.

    Supervisor John Moorlach questioned why taxpayers should be penalized for what he characterized as reckless actions by the hikers.

    "We certainly want to save them but, by golly, you were saved and you owe your society a debt of gratitude," he said, "and you need to pay the bill."

    If convicted, Cendoya would face a sentencing range from probation to three years in jail.

    Source: http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/201...forced-to-pay-for-search-authorities-say?lite

    EDIT: Title should not say "hikers" as it is not really accurate. Sorry about that.


  1. Akanaro
    Did they deserve an effort of rescue? Certainly. human life is valued far beyond what even all the money in the world would add up to.

    Do they deserve to pay? Absolutely. If you're going to be irresponsible, regardless of being intoxicated or not by any substance, you should be held accountable an punished for your stupidity. That way you don't do it again, see?

    I hate that so many persons of low intellect are using methamphetamine and other likewise illegal substances. Apart from wondering why they bother when there's obviously nothing to expand, they constantly make public spectacles of themselves (by doing the most unimaginable stupid things).

    Things we read about like, setting something or someone on fire (often themselves), driving recklessly and smashing up thousands of dollars in shops, buildings or other cars, committing various crimes often leaving big neon coloured clues to their identity or get caught at the scene, and hurting innocents (often kids) or animals.

    Eventually they get busted though and - lo and behold we found some meth here sergeant! - proclaimed as mindless crazed animals on drugs solely for having used meth or whatever drug they're on. They are then used by law agencies and schools as good example of the fact that drugs make you stupid, crazy and reckless.

    Being somewhat smarter (I hope) and not smashing, stealing, raping, murdering or committing any such crimes and also not going out and making the news acting crazy or hiking in the woods while high reading but indeed using the same substance, It pisses me off, reading stuff like this.

    I wonder if and how we could ever convince the world that these people were already like that before the meth got to them. How do we convince them that drugs don't make people crazy or stupid overnight when it's always the stupid ones making the news and ruining the average user's reputation, purely by default of be a user.

    Bah, fools.
  2. longbeachone
    I live near where these hikers got lost, and it was thought from early on that drugs were involved. They were found literally within 100 feet of a paved highway. This just wasn't in a wilderness area. To add insult to injury, a rescuer was badly injured during the search.
  3. laugher
    just goes to show you,I mean the girl though this stuff can really pickel your brain.It will make you get lost in your backyard! I mean the girl thought she had been attacked by animals !in a lot of cases, of this type thing, its the sleep depravation that makes you crazy (and lost).Also besides getting lost in the woods, it also can cause you to lose your mind.
  4. Valseedian
    I'd love to see the MSDS/NMR on the substance, but you know it'll never be performed.

    they'll cop to meth even though it might be (probably) a cathinone or pyrovalerone..

    and true^^ sleep deprivation is nothing to fuck with.
  5. socialblacktarfly
    This is a very interesting case to say the least. My initial thought when I heard they found meth in the vehicle was how were the cops allowed to search the vehicle without a warrant or permission? I know that they towed the vehicle because of the time it was parked etc. But to do a search on it sounds illegal to say the least. Many times peoples vehicles are towed to a lot waiting they owner but these cars aren't searched etc. So if anyone has insight on this that would be great. I am friends with the girls older sister in this case and everyone is just as puzzled as to how this happened. What are your thoughts?
  6. Akanaro
    Well I'd say Police would have either searched the vehicle as the search started or after they were found, which sounds to be more likely based on the description of events in the article. In either case they had proper and valid cause.

    If it was at the start of the search then it's simply a case of hunting for clues of their whereabouts, ruling out foul play or simply searching for an item of clothing for the hounds to get a scent. You're basically looking at a crime scene, with all the usual causes for a search. Even though it has not been confirmed that a crime was committed, saving lives weigh far more, and justly so, than infringing on privacy, which is a right best enjoyed alive.

    If it was after they were found then the answer in the article by means of:

    Yup, pretty straight forward grounds as their condition was rather suspect and again foul play (if any) or cause would need to be determined if only to administer proper emergency health care.

    So yeah, think twice before loading up for that picnic. You never know when you might go missing. ;)
  7. socialblacktarfly
    Oh yea even though the girl is my friends sister, the accounts of their stories were so outlandish who knows what was going on but I would have loved to seen the blood test results because eating dirt and talking to dead people is a drug I've never experienced before
  8. jakemoe
    I have always thought that if you are hiking or mountain climbing for pleasure, even with zero drugs involved if you get lost or in trouble you should be responsible for at least part of the cost of finding you. People know the risk involved and it's not like we have endless dollars stashed away to rescue hikers.
  9. socialblacktarfly
    And to be right around the corner is ridiculous. This whole situation starting on Easter etc is really strange and hopefully it comes to light but no one is saying very much.
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