Teen on ecstasy killed man, Oakland cops say

By Greenport · Jul 22, 2009 · ·
  1. Greenport
    gunsanddrugs.jpg Teen on ecstasy killed man, Oakland cops say
    Henry K. Lee
    Saturday, July 11, 2009

    An 18-year-old man high on ecstasy shot and killed a man with whom he was playing dominoes, Oakland police said Friday.

    Pierre Goins was charged with murder and being a felon in possession of a firearm in the slaying of 33-year-old Julius Batiste, who was shot on the 2300 block of Humboldt Avenue in the Fruitvale district about 4 a.m. Wednesday.

    Witnesses said Goins had ingested several ecstasy pills and, along with Batiste, had been among a group of people playing dominoes. Batiste got up to get a drink and, for no apparent reason, Goins shot him in the back four times, said Alameda County Assistant District Attorney Tom Rogers.

    Goins, who has a previous conviction for possession of marijuana for sale, was arrested Wednesday night at a home in Stockton.

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/07/11/BAL118MJE8.DTL#ixzz0LxCSgwQj

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  1. ninjaned
    did the article site anything saying that the ex had been tested and that they were sure of what was in it? cause most people who know anything about drugs know that most people(emphasis on most people) wouldn't hurt a fly on ex(its an epathogen...). also was it taken in to consideration that maybe him killing the guy was because he was just an asshole and in no way(or in a very little way) related to the ex?
  2. EscapeDummy
    I agree with the first part, but the second part is impossible to prove, and would probably not be considered by most people. They would automatically assume it was the drugs that did it.

    Either way, I'm thinking that his "ecstasy" had very little MDMA or perhaps none at all. Instances of 'e' pills containing literally no MDMA at all have been found before... still, a sad story.
  3. ninjaned
    yeah thats true, and i guess i should be a little less rash in my judgments... but it is a little sad that most people wouldn't even stop and pause to think "maybe there were other factors involved besides the drugs..."
  4. MrG
    The articles claim he was high on ecstasy, which is simply not true. Ecstacy is not a drug, MDMA is.

    Ecstasy, as we all know around this forum, refers to a tablet which may contain anything from 0% to 100% MDMA.

    Claiming that he was "high on ecstacy" is to assume that there was, indeed, MDMA in the pills he ingested, in sufficient quantity for him to get "high". This is not proven, yet the average ignoramus will no doubt recoil in horror at the thought of this "evil" drug as being the the absolute cause of this crime.

    Here is an old thread which highlights the nature of this type of reportage.
  5. nibble
    Regardless, whether it was MDMA or not has nothing to do with the actual shooting. Piperazines and/or various amphetamines don't spontaneously cause people to fatally shoot seemingly at random, either there was a deeper reason for this or the eighteen year old was simply insane.
  6. pirate24
    It was probably a meth-bomb... hard to imagine anybody shooting somebody for no apparent reason while loved up.
  7. MarkyMayhem
    'round some parts and folks SWIM knows, there are some crazy heroin dealer Ecstacy/MDMA-heads.. Actually, lots and lots of bangers and hoppers, corner boys and the like 'round these parts are in to the E / MDMA. SWIM has never tested any of their stuff with a test kit, but can verify at least one ocasion, they were actual MDMA. Pills run an insanely inexpensive price wholesale to these folks, and they feel it's not addictive like their main product, so they sling the H and pop the E.
    Trust SWIM, E/MDMA being an empathogen does little to nothing to disuade these folks from going with their natural/business instincts towards vengance, mayhem, respect, teritory, and the sometimes the insane desire to hear the bang and watch the carnage.

    Dude was prolly on E, maybe even with MDMA in significant %. He also was prolly totally fucking batshit crazy
  8. missparkles
    Regardless of what drug a person has "ingested" they never shoot anyone for no reason, usually the reasoning behind any shooting is not always immediately apparent. If a bloke gets drunk, drives his car and kills an innocent pedestrian it's not immediately apparent why he decided to drink and drive. Doesn't mean there isn't a reason, a motive.
    Neither of these examples are acceptable explanations for taking another persons life, but Sparkles doesn't see the booze companies being castigated, being blamed for every DUI. No...the individual is blamed for the tragedy.
    When a person has taken drugs the substance is always blamed. This story is just more spin to keep the misinformed/uninformed public outraged.
    I get so sick of it.
    Sparkles :vibes:

    For the record, Sparkles could have loved someone to death when she took ecstasy...not shot em.;)
  9. Motorhead
    Dominoes can be a very competitive, trash-talking kind of game from Swims experience. I'd say the much older victim was teasing the hell out his younger adversary. Who knows though? When drugs are involved they generally always are mentioned in the Headline.
  10. sandoz1943
    SWIM wishes these type of articles would follow up on the story. They are all just catchy headline and no substance.

    SWIM has noticed that the people as well as the pills have changed. The kids using X today seem to like the pills weaker so they can run around and do stuff. They are not interested in dancing or being loved up on the couch at the club. Often they are mixing X with scripts and alcohol.

    No one unless they are mentally ill just shots somebody. Even if they are on drugs. It would make sense that the shooter had a beef with the other guy and he just wasn't talking to the cops. I'm sure some kind of story will come out, concocted or not, when it goes to trial and his attorney tells him he doesn't think he can convince the jury he shot him because he was temporally insane from the X. The shooter may have thought it would get him off.
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