Teen Stopped Taking Meds - Kills

By Nagognog2 · Mar 9, 2007 · ·
  1. Nagognog2
    I wish the article identified the meds. Please post if you read what he was taking. But I can give a good guess.

    03/09/2007 00:15:23 EST Mother: Teen Shooter Stopped Taking Meds

    MIDLAND, Mich. - A teenager who shot his ex-girlfriend outside her school before killing himself had struggled with anger and depression and recently had stopped taking his medication, his mother said.
    David Turner, 17, had bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and had watched his father die of a heart attack in 2002, his mother, Marie Turner, told the Midland Daily News.

    "He wasn't a mean person," she told the newspaper. "He was just really sick. I kept trying to get him help, and nobody would help him."

    David Turner shot 17-year-old Jessica Forsyth outside H.H. Dow High School on Wednesday before shooting himself, police said. Forsyth was listed in fair condition Thursday afternoon at a Flint hospital.

    Marie Turner said her son and Forsyth saw a counselor for therapy the day before the shooting.

    "They were fine," Marie Turner said. "They were laughing and having a good time. I think maybe ... he just snapped. ... I just know he didn't mean to hurt her. He loved her. He wanted to take her on a cruise."

    The mother said her son's relationship with Forsyth was on and off. The two had broken up about a week ago. Her son had gone to Dow High to return a watch and other items belonging to Forsyth, she said.

    Marie Turner said he must have found a hidden key and opened her safe containing firearms.

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  1. Alicia
    Swia found a number similar , from this link she come across. So it could be anything from Prozac to Effexor.

  2. Each Hit
    those are all terrible stories. if the drug is truly a factor, i think they should really study its effect. apparently, this drug can alter somebody's entire morality and decision making process. that is some serious brain alteration that should definitely be looked into.
  3. Nagognog2
    Unfortunately the laboratory the study is being conducted in is the schools, and the "volunteers" are teenagers with firearms.

    Alicia - my money is on the SSRI's as well here. But you can guess the drug companies are bribing every politician in sight to block the studies. You can guess what the lawsuit will look like when a courtroom is packed with the parents of murdered children. Don't hold your breath.
  4. Alicia

    Would not surprise swia, They still dont know how SSRI's work dont they have a similer action to cocaine only they work on serotonin if i spelt that right instead and stop it reabsorbing into the synapses.
  5. Nagognog2
    They don't even know for certain the basis for depression. Using an SSRI is based on an unproven hypothesis. But it sure does sell alot of pills! Besides - the companies can't sell Zyklon-B anymore. They need that revenue. It's the American Way!
  6. AntiAimer
    People just dont understand how bad these "medications" truely are and how little research has even been done on them. Nor do they have the information or guidance to find better medication that works alot better with fewer side-effects. All these new diseases ariseing are not just coincendence.

    Very sad...
  7. Riconoen {UGC}
    swim takes effexor for depression and he never killed anyone. More fearmongering to throw in the culture of fear bonfire.
  8. El Calico Loco
    breggin.com has a lot of good information on the darker side of modern psychiatric medication. He might swing a little too far in the other direction, but it's a good source.

    There may be some people whose depression is just genetic - there is something different about their brains that makes them unhappy, and all the roses in the world won't cure it. For those people, meds might be the only solution (and even then, The Blind Hermit assures me that MAOIs, despite their well-known risks, are less dangerous than SSRIs).

    But I'd bet more than a dollar that most people's depression is related to the software, so to speak, and not the hardware. Trauma from bad experiences or alienation from a bad society, neither of which can (or should) be cured by a potion, powder, or pill. Armed with the proper entheogens, I think a competent therapist could cure most of these ills.

    (But we'd have to start with the politicians and captains of industry.)
  9. stoneinfocus
    Bipolar disorders are usually medicated with neuroleptics, to "stabilize" your mood( you feel so bad, that you couldn´t think of any other things than that).

    SSRI´s would be more for a depression with a minus symptomatik/disactivity and fear, although Prozac is indicated for mania and obsession as well.
    Prozac, in fact, is an amphetamine, but with more sides, namely dedstroying the sexual appetite for months or years, even after cessation of the med.
    but with neuroleptics one would have this issue included so there´d be nothing to worry about, that anything would be working correctly with you, everm when taken neuroleptics.

    often patients stop taking those meds for that obvious reason (see also "dysphoria", which could drive patients to sommit suicide, ecven after escaping from an ICU, but psychiatrist disaggree about the severety of dsyphoris, just seeing it as a somple subjective abd irrational feeling without cause) and after cessation of the chemical straight-jacket, the whole symptoms will hit the patient with twice their strenght, plus some suffering he´d nver had without those meds., in fact, a normal person will look and feel like a psycho, when on neuroleptics, even more so, after stopping the medication.

    If he had ADS and then benn given neuroleptics, it must have been the worst thing for him to experience, leaving him in a constant misery with some short phases of awaking and feeling immense pain and anger for the situation he was driven into, probably with the only wish to hurt and end everything.
  10. Alicia
    So what SWIY has not had a bad reaction to them. Its not also the fact that they can change people but the fact they have loads of unpleasant side effects. Its not fear mongering at all, There are hundreds of similar peoples experience reports that state the same and loads more on the ever-growing side effects list.

    Why don't you save the fear-mongering and justice type posts for something more meaningful and have a read before you slam everything as 'fear bonfire'. Remember 'Fact' can educate more if you let it.
  11. lethalman
    yeah all the new type of antidepressants seem to be bad .the older type antidepressants seem to be safer then the new ones of to days. ones safe like dosulepin.
  12. Nicaine
  13. Nagognog2
    Technically prozac is a bicyclic amphetamine derivative. Look at it's molecular diagram.
  14. stoneinfocus
    Not bicyclic, but with two aryl rings, to be exact, bicyclic means an armchair-molceule which has a bridge of n atoms attached to it.

    I´ve seen an offical name, where Prozac had the amphetamine part in it, too.

    N-Methylphenylpropanolamine = amphetamine.
  15. Nagognog2
    Semantics. It's chemistry and names can be changed to create the explosion. Last analysis: It IS an amphetamine analogue. Take a look at Zoloft for a real chuckle.
  16. snapper
    SWIM thinks that this guy was just a bipolar and had a rebound mood swing from withdrawing from meds. Bipolar disorder can make people act out in extreme and unpredictable ways, and when treated, these symptoms can come back with a vengeance when the drugs controlling them are removed. Sure SSRIs trigger suicidal behavior in some, particularly adolescents, but bipolar disorder is more compatible with truely crazy behavior. Also, SSRIs are often contraindicated in bipolars because it can amplify mood swings.
    Psychiatric drugs are drugs just like research chemicals, recreational substances and plant alkaloids. For some people SWIM knows, SSRIs have been a lifesaver - literally. They have their place, and though their mechanism of action is still only postulated, they do work and are much less side effect ridden than tricyclics. Keep in mind also that SSRIs have been shown to be highly physically addicting in some, which could contribute to psychotic behavior. The best antidepressants out there are, unfortunately, MAOIs, but they are not popular for obvious reasons.
    SWIM thinks that someone who would kill someone else and then themselves is going to do it eventually. It's not likely that it was a random side effect of a drug..
  17. Beeker
    Oh I love playing with these samples. Lets see.

    Classic Manic Depression bi-polar SWIM is ... dual insanity if you go back to the 40's.

    1989 Prozac for 2 months then dropped - attempted suicide with benedryl.
    1994 Zoloft - no feelings. lethargy couldn't cum dropped it

    ritalin - worked
    Wellbutrin - seizures after 3 months

    moved to Dexedrine because of blood thinning and methyphenidate contradiction. (30mg a day)

    at this point I only got free sample to see what they would do to me with a sitter while not working.

    Effexor+dexedrine - voices - schizophrenic delusional psychotic - new record for me. *THUMBS UP*
    Cymbalta - same but ran with it. ended up in the ER thinking I'd found the cure for sleep. took 6 men to hold me down.
  18. _caesar_
    I've uploaded a BBC documentary which investigates GlaxoSmithKlines cover up of the dangers of Seroxat when prescribed to teens suffering from depression.

    Its in the file archive under Multimedia.
  19. stoneinfocus
    Effexor and Dexedrine is one of the most stupid combinations, ever, for a normal guy seeking fun, but even more so for someone having bi-polar disorder.
  20. Nagognog2
    "Effexor+dexedrine - voices - schizophrenic delusional psychotic - new record for me. *THUMBS UP*"

    Wow! That's neat! Now I know what should go in the Punchbowl at the next party Bongo throws! This'll be a riot!
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