Teenage drug use 'is out of control'

By Rightnow289 · Jul 21, 2009 · ·
  1. Rightnow289
    COCAINE and heroin addiction among adolescents is spiralling out of control, while the Government does nothing to monitor the problem, according to a leading addiction centre for young people.

    And the Aislinn Centre yesterday revealed it has seen more and more 15-year-old girls seeking treatment after becoming addicted to alcohol.

    The centre, which treats addiction in adolescents, reported a 20pc jump in bed nights this year because of the increase in drink, drugs and gambling problems.

    It says there has been an increase in cocaine usage and that the use of this drug and heroin is now widespread among adolescent addicts.


    However, alcohol remains the prime gateway drug to the use of illicit drugs for teenagers.

    Despite the increasing rate of addiction among young people, Aislinn says a comprehensive nationwide study has yet to be undertaking to assess the scale of the issue and decide what steps to take.

    Aislinn Centre director Declan Jones yesterday called on the Government to acknowledge the increasing rate of adolescent addiction.

    "Without national figures we simply cannot put the adequate resources in place to solve this problem," he said at the launch of the centre's annual report.

    "It is estimated that alcohol is responsible for 1,500 deaths each year in Ireland. In 2004, it was found that Irish school children demonstrate the highest rate of drunkenness in Europe, but without knowing the exact figures there is no way of knowing the extent of treatment to be made available."

    The Co Kilkenny centre, which deals with clients from all over the country, has had to increase its bed nights from 3,650 in 2008 to 4,380 this year.

    Mr Jones said that the average age of clients in recent years was between 16-19 years. But in the past 18 months 15-year-olds have become more common in the centre -- many of them girls.

    "If these young people continue to drink, there will be very high morbidity levels in middle age," he warned.

    A recent survey carried out by Aislinn found that 90pc of people think that there is a problem in Ireland with alcohol abuse among 13-18-year-olds, while 76pc said they believed that young people aged 15-18 who drink alcohol regularly are more likely to also experiment with illegal drugs.

    - Conor Kane
    Source - http://www.independent.ie/national-news/teenage-drug-use-is-out-of-control-1831844.html

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  1. missparkles
    Substance A (alcohol) is addictive, and it's use amongst youngsters is spiraling out of control.
    Substance B (drugs) are addictive, therefore it's use amongst youngsters must also be spiraling out of control.
    Logic fail.:confused:
  2. cra$h
    Sounds like the alcohol is the problem, not the coke. Plus cocaine (from swim's limited experiences) is much safer than alcohol, exept the whole addiction thing. Kids are gettin coke at younger ages because they can afford it, and dealers are making a shitload of money. Give them until they're in their late teens/early 20's and you'll see them sticking with the drink because coke is just too much money.
  3. chibi curmudgeon
    I don't suppose the Irish government has considered legalizing marijuana....imagine if everyone used that instead of coke, heroin or alcohol.

    Emerald Isle jokes, anyone? :p
  4. nibble
    No they certainly haven't. Although a former health minister did express some interest in medical cannabis some years ago, but the support wouldn't be there at all in my opinion.

    It's hard to gauge drug use (aside from alcohol) among young people here. Certainly when I was younger my immediate friends and even the majority of the extended peer group would have never expressed much interest in drugs. Generally it was the sort of so-called "scumbags" that would engage in those activities, they would be the social group equivalent to "chavs" to any UK people. The musically inclined artistic types would not be adverse to smoking cannabis on occasion, very stereotypical but also very true.

    Alcohol use is very widespread though, even from the very early teens.
  5. ninjaned
    well this article does raise an interesting point- you'd have a much harder time finding a coke(or an amphetamine or a heroin ect) addict under 18, 10 years ago but nowadays you'd have a lot easier time of it. swim himself got hooked on amp's at age 16(he is since clean). it does seem like drugs are becoming more socially acceptable(or people are learning to shift through the bullshit that some gov's shove down their throats). anyone else notice this?
  6. missparkles
    Not sure that it's becoming more socially acceptable or if it's so prevalent society cannot ignore it any more.
    But raising public awareness, and hopefully getting more people to look a little deeper at this issue has got to be good, hasn't it? :thumbsup:
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