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Teenage girl becomes the youngest Briton to die from banned dance drug 'meow meow' R

By davestate, Oct 13, 2010 | Updated: Oct 14, 2010 | | |
  1. davestate
    View attachment 17264 A teenage girl has become the youngest person in Britain to die from the club drug 'meow meow', an inquest has heard.

    Rebecca Cardwell, 19, is also the first to be killed by the substance since it was banned in April.

    Miss Cardwell and four friends each paid £5 for a wrap of the powder, which had been mixed with a small amount of two other party drugs and amphetamines, Burnley Magistrates Court heard.

    Drugs death: Rebecca Cardwell, 19, died three days after taking meow meow with friends. She suffered acute liver failure and died in hospital

    She collapsed shortly after taking the drug at a house in Colne, Lancashire.

    Witness Russell Stansfield told the inquest that he received a call from his friend, George Caldwell, to drive to a terrace house where he found a number of men in the street.

    He said one of the men asked him to drive Miss Cardwell away.

    Mr Stansfield said: 'He said to me "will you get this girl in the back of your car and take her around the corner?"'

    But instead Mr Stansfield rang for an ambulance.
    In a statement he said the police were also informed, which 'panicked' the men at the house, who fled the scene.

    Scott McMurray, who was at the house, told the inquest that five of them paid £25 for the Class B drug and his friend Matthew Hall went to buy it.

    Miss Cardwell's parents, Glen Cardwell and Maxine Thompson, want to know why there was an alleged delay of up to 80 minutes before an ambulance was called.

    Mephedrone: The Class B drug was sold as 'plant fertiliser' on the internet before it was made illegal in April. It can cause breathing difficulties and convulsions

    Miss Cardwell collapsed shortly after taking the drug in May and was taken to the Royal Blackburn Hospital.

    She was transferred to St James Hospital, in Leeds, when she suffered acute liver failure and died three days later.

    Consultant pathologist Dr Abdul Al-Dawoud said the levels of mephedrone in the student's system were more than three times that normally taken for recreational use.

    Dr Al-Dawoud, who conducted the post mortem, said the drug caused increased heart rate and blood pressure and could cause chest pains, breathing difficulties and occasionally fits and convulsions.
    The pathologist said he also found levels of the stimulants benzylpiperazine (BZP), trifluoromethylphenylpiperazine (TFMPP) and amphetamines in her body and gave the cause of death as the toxic effect of all four substances.

    Recording an accidental verdict, East Lancashire Coroner Richard Taylor said he was satisfied that the teenager would not have realised the 'devastating' effects of the dose of meow meow which she took that evening.

    Addressing her parents, he said: 'I only hope that you may be able to take some solace from the hope that others may be dissuaded from taking these substances, which promise a euphoric result which is frequently, and quite often tragically, undelivered.'

    Mephedrone was reclassified as an illegal Class B drug, the same as cannabis and amphetamine, on April 16 after it was implicated in a number of deaths.

    But the drug was later ruled out from being a contributory cause in the cases,
    leading to criticism at the speed it had been made illegal.

    Kathleen Macken, 20, was the first person to be killed by the drug. She died just days before her 21st birthday during a night out in October last year.
    The first mephedrone raid after it was outlawed took place in Blackburn - just hours after the reclassification.

    The chemical substance was sold as plant fertiliser over the Internet before made illegal.

    13th October 2010


    Not the worst reporting, for the daily mail at least. I've taken the liberty of highlighting some key points not raised by the shock horror title, especially since it suggests that mephedrone was the sole cause of death, totally contradictory to the coroners report. The interesting part is that she was had acute liver failure after admission, perhaps due to the drugs, perhaps not, none the less a rather interesting, if unfortunate and sad issue. Once again, those who want to take drugs, will take them. Who knows, perhaps she thought it was purely mephedrone, but was cut with the other substances


  1. Dan_drone
    Re: Teenage girl becomes the youngest Briton to die from banned dance drug 'meow meow

    saw this article in the sun and it was disgusting to read. still tried to say that mephedrone is a legitimate plant food also only jsut about mentioned the presence of the other drugs towards the end of the article. sad news though RIP
  2. corvardus
    Re: Teenage girl becomes the youngest Briton to die from banned dance drug 'meow meow

    Read this article on site and it heartens me that a large number of individuals see this article for the crap that it is.
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