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Teenager arrested over death of 19-year-old who took mephedrone

  1. chillinwill
    A TEENAGER is facing charges over legal party drug mephedrone.

    The 19-year-old man was arrested in connection with the death of Jordan Kiltie a fortnight ago and charged with reckless conduct.

    He was charged on the day of Jordan's funeral.

    The man, from Ayr, was held by police on Friday and spent the weekend in cells at Ayr police station. He is one of the first people in the UK to face charges over "legal high" mephedrone - also known as bubbles, miaow miaow and M-Cat.

    He was due to appear in private at Ayr Sheriff Court on Monday but was released pending further inquiries.

    Jordan, 19, from Dalmilling, Ayrshire, had been at a party with friends where the white powder was taken.

    Police launched a probe in a bid to halt the supply of the drug, known locally as Moonshine. Detective Inspector Craig McArthur issued a warning to those tempted to deal in the substance, marketed as plant food.

    He said: "Moonshine may be legal but any drug death will be investigated and the suppliers arrested.

    "It sends out a strong message that the consequences of taking this drug can be catastrophic and, if you are dealing it, the consequences for you can also be catastrophic."

    Home Secretary Alan Johnson announced this week that mephedrone is to be banned within weeks.

    Legal highs, which have been linked to up to 25 deaths in Scotland and south of the Border, will be made class B drugs alongside the likes of amphetamines and cannabis.

    The legislation is likely to be in force by the end of the month. An immediate ban was placed on importing mephedrone.

    By Craig McDonald
    April 2, 2010
    Daily Record


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