Teenager died after ecstasy binge

By BlueMystic · Jul 8, 2005 · ·
  1. BlueMystic
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    Teenager died after ecstasy binge, inquest told

    A teenager died at a post-wedding party after admitting swallowing 10 ecstasy tablets in one go, an inquest heard today.
    By:press Association

    Wayne Lynas boasted he had taken a large quantity of the Class A drug before falling unconscious in a friend`s flat in Rathcoole, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim.

    Belfast Coroner`s Court heard the 18-year-old had also been drinking and smoking cannabis in the hours before he died.

    Mr Lynas`s girlfriend, Connie Armstrong, said that the party got underway in the early hours of June 7, 2003 after her uncle`s wedding reception in Carrickfergus.

    She said: "When we got to the flat Wayne was showing off and telling everyone he had taken 10 E`s.

    "He was completely wiped out."

    Ms Armstrong, who fought back tears as her statement was read out, said Wayne was then sick in the toilet.

    Afterwards she wanted him to go to hospital but he refused.

    As the night wore on he became increasingly agitated and began sweating profusely.

    Wayne then fell unconscious and Connie`s sister Gina advised her to turn him on his front, the hearing was told.

    Connie said: "I turned him over and could see his face was blue so was his body down to his waist."

    "Lorene (Connie`s sister) phoned an ambulance and I stayed with Wayne as all this was happening.

    "When the crew arrived at the flat they had put a heart monitor on his chest and then told us he was dead and there was nothing more they could do."

    Connie said Mr Lynas, of Nendrum Gardens, Rathcoole, used drugs at weekends and had previously taken up to 10 ecstasy tablets in one night.

    But on the night he died, she told the inquest: "He said he had taken them all at once."

    The couple, who had been together for three years, had been due to go on holiday a few weeks after the tragedy.

    Wayne`s father, Ian Lynas, told the inquest he was aware his son smoked cannabis and took ecstasy.

    But Mr Lynas said the teenager was not addicted to drugs but rather took them to socialise.

    The inquest also heard Wayne, an apprentice plumber, started taking drugs around two years before his death.

    Mark Hawkes, who hosted the party, thought Wayne was joking when he claimed to have taken 10 tablets.

    But Mr Hawkes said: "I have seen him taking E`s before.
    "I have seen him take 10 E`s in a day or so but never all together."

    None of the witnesses saw Wayne swallow any tablets on the day he died or admitted knowing where he got his drugs from.

    The inquest was told the street value of a ecstasy tablet was around £10.

    Constable Tara Lundy, who was called to the flat after Wayne died, said no drugs were found on him.

    Coroner John Leckey ruled the teenager died from ecstasy poisoning.

    Mr Leckey said: "I am not surprised to learn that Wayne died after taking 10 ecstasy tablets.

    "I have held inquests where deaths have resulted from a much smaller number of tablets being taken.

    "From the evidence here it seems Wayne had taken 10 tablets.

    "But the fatal difference was that he took them all at once."

    The Coroner expressed his sympathies to Wayne`s loved ones and said he hoped lessons could be learned from his death.

    He added: "Hopefully some good will ensue from this tragedy and it may act as a salutary warning to those who take ecstasy that it is a very dangerous way to enjoy oneself."

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  1. enquirewithin
    If someone dies after drinking a bottle of whisky, does it get the same publicity? Another very important point, how much had he been drinking? The alchohol would probably account for his reckless bahviour!

    Perhaps the headline should be "Teenager Dies after Drinking Binge, " he had also been taking ecstasy.Edited by: enquirewithin
  2. Cuberun

    The death is a tragedy but it really angers me that someone would go off and take 10 PILLS in one go. It's just overboard stupidity. Exactly what are you trying to accomplish!

    "He added: "Hopefully some good will ensue from this tragedy and it may act as a salutary warning to those who take ecstasy that it is a very dangerous way to enjoy oneself."

    Yes, if you take 10 pills like a complete moron. In that regard, jumping off mountain cliffs is dangerous. Illegalize mountain treks before we get more death cases.
  3. Dark_Angel
    hi my names darren and wayne was my cousin i no wat he done was stupid but i total disagree wif u that the headline should b teenager dies after drinking binge i mean like no 1 knows y he took so much so i would class it as an accident i dont think he wanted to die he probly thought cause he was used to them he would b ok.
  4. Nagognog2
    May I ask what your cousin's general health was? Did he have regular doctor's appointments? Did he have a proper diet? How long had he been binge-drinking?

    These are things that MUST be taken into consideration before one says: "It was the MDMA that killed him!" Likely this was a combination of poor health and alcoholism that finally was pushed over the edge.

    My condolences for your loss.
  5. Alfa
    These are very curious statements. Ecstasy poisoning, he says, not MDMA poisoning. Either the article is oversimplified or the coroner is totally ignorant. As a man of science the coroner should be able to identify the exact substances and reasonable exact amounts of those substances at play here.
    Even such a heavy dose of MDMA as would be contained in 10 tablets normally do not cause death. SWIM regrets to have seen several people try to take their live with simular doses of ecstasy. All of them lived. They where then hospitalized and soon met several others who also survived such massive doses of ecstasy. A head of a psychatric ward once told SWIM he had seen many people who took a ecstasy overdose in an attemp to take their live. It is a most unsuccesfull method he said. All I am saying here, is that ecstasy overdose alone would be a most unusual cause of death. I am in no way hinting at Waynes motives.
  6. Nature Boy
    Ridiculous situation. Very sad but undoubtedly extremely foolish. Ecstasy poisoning is a bit of a bizarre one. The blue face indicates suffocation more than poisoning and there's no doubt that the pills, as almost all pills do at this stage, contained something other than MDMA which could have lead to the complications that resulted in death. Taking ten pills of anything at once is absolutely ludicrous however. Taken in a different context it could have been seen as a suicide attempt. This is yet another piece of evidence that shows that people simply have no clue what they're doing in regards to using drugs. People really ought to be educated better but I think this one can be chalked down to lack of common sense.
  7. Nicaine
    Incredible. So if I drink 100 gallons of milk in a sitting and blow up my intestines, they'll be publishing a warning against milk as a very dangerous way to enjoy oneself :rolleyes:
  8. ShotToHit
    I can understand why he did that night mabey i can explain eratic behaviour, these things do happen as I had a very similar experience with pharmacutical products. I have schizophrenia, at the time I made this mistake I was refusing treatment, and I had just had plastic surgery on my hand and had been given loads of painkillers and anti-inflammitories for it. The nurses said I was not safe and needed meds and forced into my hand some anti-psychotic's

    I decided to keep them without taking them with intent to abuse them at a later time. n e way soon I started having schizophrenic systoms and could not eat as my nose was congested..... so i took a pill, i smoked half and could eat, the congested nose got worse the next day so i took a decongetant then 30 mins later forgot i took it. i then ate one anti psycotic orally plus my painkillers and anti inflammitories. Upon doing this I decided I wanted to get rid of the decongetion and get wasted. I munched the rest of the anti psychotics (another 5) and popped another anti inflammitoriy as they were pretty trippy.

    Well I ended up in hospital the next day. So the fact is we all do stupid things that for one reason or another at the time seem to make perfect sense. I mean I knew that would kill me years before and would not take that many pills and I still know it would have that effect.
  9. TragicMagicz
    I beleive the reason why was because this happens all too often in this area he lived , there is lots of ecstacy overdoses but this is the first death from it , I knew this young lad and he was small and quite slim and hang around with many older people , I guess he seen how much they can take and tried to copy. These parties in that area sometimes last up to 3-4 days usually from friday to monday with heavy drinking and drug taking , I've seen some of them take 2 ecstacy tabs at once every hour for around 24 hrs straight and others take 5 at once , it really comes as a suprise that this hasn't happened more often earlier to one of his associates.
  10. Beeker
    Darwin Award Winner #100,000,000.

    There was a kid at my college who took a 100 pill bottle of No-Doz in an attempt to impress some girls while in a room smoking out. He died 3 hours later on the quad. I didn't think he actually did it. I was so stoned I thought the bottle was full of pill like candies. I just blew it off as, "no way someone could be that stupid." (<

    You can buy No-Doz to this day.
  11. Sippin40oz
    I dont know why people are surprised that he died after 10 pills. Iam not sure about the toxic levels of mdma etc but surely anyone that any user would know that taking 10 pills at once is not going to end well!! SWIM took 4 at once and was away with the fairies! He never took that amount again even though he was a very experienced user he realised that there certain lines you shouldnt cross. 10 at once is just moronic!
  12. Panthers007
    Just like giving a Chimpanzee a revolver - it's just a matter of time. If not MDMA, then wallpaper-paste.
  13. snapper
    The reason the coroner speculated that mdma killed this guy is that the toxicology is probably not back yet. SWIM bets there were more toxic adulterants in the pills, but believes that someone with the right physiology and circumstances could be killed from a large dose. A fatal arrythmia for example could have been triggered and no coroner will be able to identify that on autopsy. Just because people survive large overdoses, it does not mean all people do.
  14. pyroarchy
    Who knows how much MDMA or other stuff was in those pills, could of been anything. Its not like there's product quality control in a clandestine pill pressing operation, one pill could have more MDMA than the rest if a careless mistake was made. SWIM has seen a person eat 5 pills at once, via parachuting them. He indeed was really intoxicated with his eyes rolling in the back of his head, but they were weaker pills SWIM guesses.
  15. Panthers007
    We'll never know. They said he died from "Ecstasy Overdose!" And they'll leave it right there - even if an autopsy shows the kid died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
  16. Zentaurus41
    He was a retard, Swim would never take 10 pills of a unknown quality all at once, That's just stupid and dangerous.
    I wouldn t even take 10 paracetamols at once, even though the toxic dose is well above 5g.

    What i don't get is why people are suggesting that it may not of been the MDMA that killed him. I think this
    is a dangerous way to think as MDMA can be dangerous, as it is still a drug which has a therapeutic and toxic dose.
  17. sylenth
    it's a pity another young life gone so quick & easily. smurf met a girls parents that 'overdosed from ecstasy' at a rave that smurf had met before. this girls parents were destroyed for the rest of their lives from the news & psychological strain from every thing.

    unfortunetly the wheels on the bus go round & round & this kid died leaving yet another huge message behind of how not to abuse drugs & how the quality of drugs can be a problem which is killing alot of people all over the world.

    smurf has also had these innocent yet risky stupid moments many years ago with dropping huge amounts at once, max was 8 rounds & smurf was blacking out & becoming irritable & hot etc. when growing up one can be influenced by many things & people. if only the governments would work with people's needs for quality, safety & knowledge these insidents would be even fewer & far between.

    'no one knew the type of pills he had' & perhaps too scared to give any info in a delicate situation like this... probably just as scared as the kid was to go to the hospital whilst overdosing.

    so it goes to show how fear is programmed in to many because of the governments laws with things & mixed feelings of the ego. these are young minds & they panic in situations like this, what do you expect? it's a twisted world.
  18. Sippin40oz
    Think thats a very good point really. If the the pills were legal and people were more aware of overdosing then maybe he would have been sent off to hospital in time for his life to be saved. If he was suffering from alcohol poisoning then he would have been sent straight to hospital. Instead his fear and probably everyone elses fear of being carted off to jail meant he was left to slowly die. Its quite sad really when the laws designed to save people from harm are actually causing peoples deaths. There was a similar case in the UK recently when a little girl accidentally swallowed a couple of pills and her parents were so scared of getting in trouble with the police that they tried to deal with her themselves and she also sadly died.
  19. Zentaurus41
    Its all lack of education people need to be aware that drugs are not some kind of sweety. They are series chemicals which change the way the body works.

    But I have heared of simulay stories with alchol, some kid just turned 18 and goes drinking with older friends or relatives, he tries to keep up with them but dies because of alchol poisioning.

    I guess it could be down to tollerence, these kids see there friends do large amounts, not realising that they are biologicaly unable to do the same. But still people who have built up such a tollerence tobegin with are not being responsably with therie own drug use.
  20. drug-bot
    this is why we need real drug education not just the 'just say no' crap. its just like the abstinance only crap the u.s is funding in public schools and is passing off as sex ed.. in the real world people experiment no matter how much the goverment and other authority figures tell them not to, thats why this forum and sites like erowid.org are so important, they provide accurate information to people who are going to experiment regardless, its the essence of harm reduction.
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