Teenager dies of mephedrone overdose

By chillinwill · Dec 16, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    An 18-year-old girl has died in Stockholm after overdosing on mephedrone, a drug that until now has been freely available for purchase on the internet.

    After the girl's death at Karolinska University Hospital on Sunday afternoon, Swedish authorities took immediate steps to ban the drug, with the handling of mephedrone classified as a criminal offence as of Monday, December 15th.

    The 18-year-old and some friends took the substance in combination with cannabis on Friday night. An ambulance was soon called to Bandhagen in south Stockholm after the girl went into convulsions and turned blue in the face, Svenska Dagbladet reports.

    The dangerous stimulant can attack vital organs and is often likened to a cross between cocaine and ecstasy. As it smells of seafood, the substance is referred to by users in Sweden as 'krabba' (crab).

    Published: 15 Dec 08 17:32 CET

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  1. KomodoMK
    I think we all know where this is going to lead ultimately... it was only a matter of time. :(
  2. RaverHippie
    I estimate there will be a spike in sales happening about now for those stockpiling for the impending drought.
  3. fnord
    Is mephredrone particularly dangerous when used normally? Or is this a case of morons having access to powerful chems?

    Sad to see a psychonout loose her life. :(
  4. Abrad
    I would wonder how much she took. SWIM has witnessed people taking very large doses with no obvious ill effects. Don't think that he is suggesting this chemical is innocuous, just wondering if this was a direct result of the mephedrone or some pre-existing condition.
  5. Alfa
  6. Triple7
    published 2008-12-15 12:12 by Fredrik Öjemar


  7. Zentaurus41
    Why do people just take anything they get there hands on ?
    I know swim has taken research chemicals before but at least there was some data on them.
    Stuff like this is that new know one know`s shit about them and reading about the few trip reports
    or experiences it looks like an RC that should be avoided. People should research everything they put into their bodies.
    Even if the ambulance got to this girl early, i doubt there is anything they could do except put her on life support
    and hope shes able to ride the drug out without dying.
  8. KomodoMK
    There is enough data on this chemical to dose it safely and many users pets on this forum have done so successfully, including my little fishy. The problem comes when people order from the online vendors who have not taken the time to educate themselves in the slightest and have no idea of the dose. I can only imagine what must happen to some people who buy chemicals like MDPV where the dosage is 1-10mg and they do a 100mg line or something. Little fishy spent a week online reading all the available information on Mephedrone and asking other peoples advice/opinions.

    The problem isn't the drug, it's the people who lack common sense.
  9. Synesthesiac
    So sad. We really need to find out more about this. Which online vendor did she get it from? How much did she do? Did she have any other condition? Did it happen directly after doing too much, or on the comedown?

    One thing I would note is that it said they were mixing it with hashish, which is known to cause a notable drop in blood pressure. And some people have reported a drop in blood pressure and lightheadedness when coming down off mephedrone. Maybe this is not a good combination. But swim has been witness to people (or rather, idiots) doing silly amounts of mephedrone himself, some people doing it every day for a week with relatively little side effects, so some people do seem more tolerant than others.

    It says she went blue in the head, swim knows someone who did too much mephedrone went purple/blue in the knees and elbows. Looks like he was luckier than he realised. And he was also complaining of cramp in his hands too, like this girl had. Dont know if they would be related or not. These pictures are exactly what happened to swims associate, with slightly less pronounced elbow discolouration but probably even worse knees:

    Synesthesiac added 32 Minutes and 5 Seconds later...

    Okay, this maybe bullshit, but on another forum discussing this someone said it was misreported as 4-MMC and was infact 4-MTA.

    I dont know what news report he is referring to, and I find it hard to believe.
  10. Alfa
    This not exactly the first incident with mephedrone. And likely this will not be the last mephedrone death.
  11. Synesthesiac
    I feel a media storm coming on if there are any more deaths. And probably not just for mephedrone, probably for all 'legal' research chemicals in general. I can just see the govenment reaction to the media "Anyone caught buying any chemical online, whether its kava or caffiene, will be jailed for ten years without parole" :(
  12. Triple7
    Before SWIM knew this forum, SWIM would have taken anything. A high would have been worth the worst hangover like side-effects. Today SWIM wouldn't even touch ketamine (which was a favorite) if SWIM got paid for using it. SWIM thinks that persons who did not experience enough clean and nice highs are temp to do more stupid things like OD on dirty stuff.

    Less can be more (fun).
  13. Synesthesiac
    Strange. Swim got the impression from the ketamine wiki that its a relatively safe drug, as doctors have given it in much higher amounts than recreational use usually does. Sorry to change the subject for a sec, but why do you say this?
  14. inorbit
    Putting something up your nose just means it works quicker, you use less and it becomes instantly more risky...... works quicker and use less is very appealing but..... is it worth it, look what happend with some other substances?.... 2c products were at one time easily available.... they blasted in to the general publics limelight because of irresponsible people and organisations, including the trusted source... erowid, suggesting sticking it up your nose. The result was some tragic deaths and the banning of all 2c substances in most wester countries.
    Recently there have been problems with a new substance, have these problems come from the same route of ingestion?.... who knows but I would suspect so.
    I take certain substances to enhance my life not end it.
    Surely it is time for a more responsible attitude from all parties involved..... the inventors, manufacturer's, purveyors, enforcement agencies, law makers and users.
    It seems stupid and irresponsible to invent and market a recreational substance thats potentially dangerous and illegal, just the same as it is to sell cigarettes, petrochemicals, gambling, weapons and debt (same same but legal and profitable for economys) but, none are going away. We are banning landmines, reducing carbon imissions, tackling third world and individual debt, promoting easy gambling, but banning what can if correctly managed, be realtively safe recreational substances in favour of and causing the introduction of the unknown substances and eventually forcing them into an illegitimate limelight feeding criminality, fueling an underworld and seperating people from the norm of recognised and respectable society.
    Lets face it, amongst the socially acceptable killers have to be oil and macdonalds and, outside our own deminishing economies, thirld world debt....... surely e is way down the list....... I used to smoke weed, now I dont cos i cant stand genetically engineered hydro paranoia skunk.... There's a market that might help some poor third world farmer and their close to starving neighbours as although that stuff grown in dirt isnt as strong, it dosent polute the environment and some reports say it enriches the soil making it good for other crops. Whilst I dont like seeds in my smoke we all know hemp snacks seem to be rather nutricious and tasty!!!!.... seems a bit fucking obvious really hey...
    We dont need a revolution, we need an evolution.
  15. bob_arctor
    Mephedrone was propagated fast through a eurotrash:y kind of community where security thinking (for sites and vendors) and quality of advice is basically 0. Some heroes try to point to the dark side of for example mephedrone when that became available not only from foreign vendors but also swedish ones.

    SWIM for one can't stand the forum even though a concerted effort of consciousness-raising is needed for the teenagers and old already-damaged druggies hanging around there. Elitism isn't the answer - in part it is what lead to the tragic death of this girl.
  16. Triple7
    SWIM just doesn't like the ketamine experience. Last time SWIM puked for 5 hours and wasn't able to walk for about 2 hours from snorting a third gram. SWIM doesn't like the feel of toxicity and dizziness from ketamine.

    OH, about a month ago someone died from ketamine. Just word of mouth. It isn't printed anywhere.

    Hmm... what was I say about mephedrone?? Heh.. it's mixed with coke (and then sold as coke) in Sweden... *grins*.. so that substance is indeed wide spread.. bit curious to know the expression if the end customer of this specific smell.
  17. jaffacake
    According to erowid it wasn't mephedrone it was 4-MTA. I think some idiot either mis-translated or simply confused the two.
  18. Abrad
    Or are you referring to a separate incident?
  19. KomodoMK
    Please quote sources when posting such statements, this helps us towards our collective aim of preventing the spread of misinformation.
  20. ThirdEyeFloond
    The toxicology report was inconclusive so I highly doubt Erowid would state otherwise. Mephedrone was suspected because it was found in the deceased's possesion and used among his circle of friends. Considering the popularity and availability of mephedrone compared to 4-MTA in Denmark I strongly doubt the latter being the case. I recall seeing 4-MTA mentioned on some forum as a possibility because it could fit the symptoms of the deceased, but it was based on nothing more than guesswork, so I find it hard to believe that Erowid would state this as a determined fact.
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