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Teenager preparing for 'dryathlon' month without alcohol got drunk and bit policeman

  1. Rob Cypher
    A teenager prepared for a month off the booze by getting drunk and biting a policeman.

    Nicolle Williamson, 19, was to start her dryathlon the following day in memory of her best friend who died of cancer.

    She downed wine and shots during a party at her home in Comrie, Perthshire, but the police turned up and she ended up arguing with them.

    Williamson bit PC Evan Macdonald on the arm and kicked PC Louise Robertson on the legs.

    Her solicitor David Sinclair told Perth Sheriff Court: “She over consumed alcohol on the night in question.

    "She was clearly out of her depth. It was a relatively early start and her and her friend were drinking shots, consumed quickly, and also a bottle of wine.”

    Hotel worker Williamson admitted assaulting the officers last Hogmanay.

    The court heard she was so ashamed she has not touched alcohol since and has done charity work.

    Sheriff Fiona Tait told her to carry out 40 hours’ unpaid work in the community.

    Gordon Currie
    The Mirror (UK)
    September 5, 2013



  1. Basoodler
    Re: Teenager preparing for 'dryathlon' month without alcohol got drunk and bit police

    Its interesting that people heading to rehab binge right before.

    Back in my grocery days it was common for people heading to court or.dered rehab to steal booze.

    I guess that will happen when you force rehab..the people who were in that situation were more bold./reckless.. like picking bottles up of 42 proof and chugging as much as possible before somebody walked in. I actually had a man who seems sober when I approached him..but after a couple minutes his eyes changed he went from agressive (we were toe to toe and I was pushing back away from the door.. anyway I have never seen anyone just melt the way this guy didn ..he was in the middle of yelling at me for not letting him out and just stopped and fell to the floor.. it was like his soul was removed ..

    I just wonder if he had a plan aside from drinking as much as possible.. he had to know that drinking a few litrers of 42 proof vodka wasn't going to end well.. if I didn't stop him he wouldn't have made it out of the parking lot..
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