Teenager takes LSD, cuts his throat, and lives

By firewall · Apr 11, 2007 · Updated Apr 13, 2007 · ·
  1. firewall
    Yesterday, someone made a huge post on another forum about what happened to him on LSD recently. Basically, he was home alone, he took a dose that he couldn't handle, and he ended up slitting his throat with a kitchen knife (barely managing to remain alive), wandering the neighborhood, and jumping in front of traffic. Here is the original post (there is more below):

    After he made that post, a lot of people were unsure if he was telling the truth or if he was an elaborate troll--that is, until the media started reporting on the story.


    It would seem that they have no clue about the LSD yet.

    Here are some additional news sources:




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  1. Pinkavvy
    it's great that he's still defending drugs ... but his actions... his poor choices ... are still going to give more ammunition to the anti-drug community.
  2. pokeyjo304
    wow, that's a pretty intense story, i know people have bad trips but that one takes the cake.
  3. D.U.M.B
    It's a shame the person involved couldn't just sit and wait it out but now his drastic actions have tainted his name forever and more fuel has been added to the fire for those anti-drug campaigners to use in their arguments
  4. Nagognog2
    This sounds very much like another recent "I took this drug and almost died!" story that was posted on another forum. I call "Bullshit!"
  5. Alicia

    Yeah. uneducated guy attempts to journey through consciousness without any real guidance.. hmmm maybe a couple of inches deeper would of made him see the error of his ways from above.
  6. Trebor
    Well at least e realised it was through his own fualt and not the drug.
  7. fnord
    firewall,i know you cant say the name of the forum but is this guy a respected member?how long has he been active?have his posts been on teh leval of a hip/totes kiddie?is there a rating system there?what dot eh member of the forum have to say about this guy?im basicly trying to figutre out if this is real or bullshit.probly bullshit.
  8. Nagognog2
    "It must be true! The police said so!" <koff! koff!>
  9. shaman76
    This also sounds like the Anti-LSD (and PCP) propaganda they fed us in Jr. High and High school. The names change, (when they're given), the exact circumstances change, but it's still the same ol' B.S., thrown in for terrify the kiddies. Besides, alchohol related fatalities are often much more bizarre than this, but they are to commonplace to bother reporting.
  10. Nagognog2
    Yep. Crazed kid on acid rapes puppy! The papers sell out at the newstand.

    Puking drunk rapes toddler! Nah...Stop the presses.
  11. firewall
    I'm not a frequent user of that forum, so I can't say much about it. The story is legitimate, though. Multiple news sources have reported on the story.
  12. Pinkavvy
    Do any of the news articles actually confirm the involvement of LSD? Or is this kid some random fool blaming an incident from the news on acid?
  13. fnord
    sources please?as in news links?
  14. firewall




    This is legit. The user posted the trip report probably about 24 hours before the media started reporting on it.
  15. Pinkavvy
    firewall, what are you trying to prove?


    I think that whoever posted the story above claiming it was them and that they were on lsd, is just trying to relate a weird story from their local news with LSD. I'll bet if one were to track down the poor kid actually involved in the situation the news articles are talking about they would not know anything about the lsd part of the story.

    The post above is merely rumor. All the time people make up stories trying to relate a news-article with drugs that have nothign to do with drugs. I assure you that if their were drugs involved, the news would have pickup up on it right away and made a BIG DEAL out of it.
  16. firewall
    I am not trying to prove anything. I am simply making an informed decision about the validity of a story based on the evidence that is available to me.

    I would agree with you were it not for the fact that the media was beaten by the person who posted that trip report. Indeed, they were beaten by a full 24 hours (if anyone doubts that claim, I have no problem with posting a link to the forum (or taking a screen shot). I just don't want to break any rules). Is it possible that he was an eye-witness who saw everything happen and decided to run home and concoct an elaborate story about it? Sure. But what are the odds of that happening? And what other scenario can convincinely account for a naked 19-year boy with his throat cut jumping out in traffic? He would have to be absolutely insane, which is something that wouldn't simply disappear after the accident; the media would know about it just like they knew about him being deaf.

    So, there are two primary possibilities here: either he is insane and the media neglected to say anything about it, or he was using a psychoactive drug and the media neglected to say anything about it. I can't think of a good reason why the media would overlook the former because it would be too obvious after the fact. But the latter could be overlooked easily, because by the time anyone regained consiouness from an accident like that, the trip would be over.

    Thus, in conclusion, I certainly admit that you may be right, but why should I believe that to be the case? Your post suggests that you are cynical toward this story because you perceive accidents like this to be a challenge to your notion of recreational drug use. And I won't blame you for that. But there are many important lessons to take away from a story like this whether it is real or not, because let's face it, accidents like this do occur, and they can be avoided if the proper safety measures are taken.
  17. MrG
    Dude, welcome to the world of cut'n'paste reporting.

    Just because you are told the same story from a bunch of different sources does *not* make it fact!

    And one important observation regarding the timeline . . .

    He begins his post by stating that it happened a little over a week ago.

    The news reports state that the incident takes place on the Saturday and the report is dated the following Tuesday - three days later.

    How do you figure that your mystery poster has the scoop on the media if his report refers to an event that occurred "A little more than a week ago"?
  18. firewall
    Holy crap, MrG, you have a really good eye. That settles it. I guess I should learn from Pinkavvy and start being more cynical. I certainly wasn't as "informed" as I thought. My apologizes, Pinkavvy, for questioning your motives.
  19. Lehendakari
    Come on, it is possible to lose control on a high dose of acid, it is possible to have a bad reaction, and it is possible that the story is true. There is a guy that reported a experience and a lot of new's references.

    We have lots of scientific studies and proofs that cannabis does not cause mental impairment, nor permanent brain damage. But goverment and prohibitionists don't listen and deny this information the first thing they always say is IF YOU SMOKE YOU'LL KILL BRAIN CELLS AND BECOME DUMBER.

    Ain't we seeing conspiration against drugs all around? Ain't we denying some facts cause the won't say good things about drugs? In my opinion there is a big chance the story is true.
  20. fnord
    as pinkvvy said above,if there were drugs involved the local news would of picked up on it,they wouldent just sya"hmmm i think the headline: local boy slits his throat would sell more copys the LOCAL DRUGGIE CUTS HIS OWN THROAT WHILE HIGH ON LSD and GOOFBALLS!!"because it just wouldent.if there were drugs invovled teh news would report it.plain and simple.
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