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  1. source
    Teenagers in England are shunning drink and drugs for a cleaner lifestyle, say health officials.

    A survey of 6,500 children aged between 11 and 15 showed the numbers taking drugs, smoking and drinking alcohol had all fallen over the past decade.
    The NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre figures found 17% had tried drugs at least once in 2011, compared with 29% in 2001.
    The team said youngsters appeared to be living increasingly healthy lifestyles.
    The survey, which questions a selection of children at English secondary schools, is carried out every year to monitor reported use of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.
    The latest poll, carried out between September and December last year, found the number of children at each age who said they had taken drugs in the preceding 12 months was down.
    Among 15-year-olds, the number fell from 39% in 2001 to 23% in 2011.
    Only 3% of 11-year-olds had taken drugs.

    Clean-living lifestyle
    Cannabis was the most commonly used drug, although its was also down.
    The survey also found the proportion of 11-to-15-year-olds smoking was the lowest since the polling began in 1982, and the number of "regular" smokers had halved in the past decade.

    Five per cent said they smoked at least one cigarette a week compared with 10% in 2001.
    Just 25% said they had tried cigarettes at least once.
    The proportion drinking alcohol at least once has dropped to under half - 45%, compared with 61% per cent in 2001.
    Only 7% reported drinking regularly, down from 20% 10 years ago.
    Tim Straughan, chief executive of the NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre, said: "The report shows that pupils appear to be leading an increasingly clean-living lifestyle and are less likely to take drugs as well as cigarettes and alcohol.
    "All this material will be of immense interest to those who work with young people and aim to steer them towards a healthier way of life."
    Siobhan McCann, of the charity Drinkaware, said: "While the decline in the number of children trying alcohol is good news, the report still shows there are 360,000 young people who reported drinking alcohol in the last week alone."

    26 July 2012 Last updated at 11:49

    BBC News, article can be found here


  1. salviablue
    If true, this could be excellent news. "Kids" shouldn't really be 'experimenting' with 'drugs' at all. I despair of the view many I talk to have that say things like
    "Nah man, give up the drugs, you are an adult now...drugs are for kids and school/college/uni....I use to take drugs, then I grew up".......again, all this usually with a beer and cigarette in hand.
  2. Aminatrix
    If 3% of 11 year olds admit to taking drugs, come on, > 50% of the population takes drugs, at least recreationally. Probably closer to 75%. Unfortunately, these people often don't vote! (At least in USA). I would attribute the decline in drug use partly to more information being passed around, especially with the rise in RC's now made widely available; information is of critical importance to young people now more than ever.
  3. source
    I'm always skeptical about surveys because of the possible target audiences and the fact that kids might 'bend' the truth. Who's to say that the kids aren't off their heads on research chemicals rather than weed and just don't want to admit it because they aren't exactly sure of what they are taking in the first place?
    "Oh there's no option for 'bath salts' or 'plant food' and I don't want to look silly by writing it down so I won't say anything"

    Who knows. If its true then yes, it is good news. Kids are being responsible for once and its the adults that now need a talking to.... =P
  4. runnerupbeautyqueen
    Who are they giving these tests to? I never took a survey like that in highschool, did anyone else?
  5. Aminatrix
    I took a test like this in 9th grade. Silly questions like

    "Have you used marijuana in the last: __week __30 days __ 3months __ 6 months __year __ever"
    ..... cocaine....
    .... other drugs .... ____------- name

    @ source - good point
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