Teens hospitalized after possible 2C-I use

By Terrapinzflyer · May 17, 2011 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Five county teens ages 15 to 17 were treated in Jacksonville hospitals Saturday after taking an unknown substance, possibly “bath salts.”The Florida legislature on May 3 banned the substance, a synthetic designer drug called MDVP that officials say can produce hallucinations, severe paranoia, seizures, aggression, increased blood pressure and eventually kidney failure.

    It had been sold in malls, head shops and convenience stores.Deputies said the teens got the substance, called 2C-I from another juvenile who ordered the product over the Internet from China.

    Deputies learned of the problem when a parent called for help securing his combative son. The teen hit a deputy and at one point threw off three deputies and his father. He was tased “repeatedly” and struck with a baton, “with no effect” according to a Sheriff’s Office news release. He was secured to a stretcher and taken to Baptist South Hospital.Deputies found three other teens with similar symptoms on the property, though they weren’t combative.

    The teen that deputies say provided the substance was found at another residence and his mother reported he was “out of control.” He was also taken to the hospital.Deputies said they found a plastic bag containing a white flaky substance that tested negative for meth and LSD. Charges are pending further investigation, according to the release.

    May 16, 2011

    NOTE: the original story title was bath salts not 2c-i, and I am unclear why they keep mentioning bath salts if the substance was 2c-i.


  1. torachi
    ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- Five St. Johns County teens between the ages of 15 and 17 were taken to Jacksonville hospitals over the weekend after ingesting an unknown substance, possibly a type of bath salts, St. Johns County deputies said.

    Deputies were called to a home in the 100 block of North Lake Cunningham Avenue at 4:20 p.m. Saturday in reference to a 17-year-old who was out of control. Deputies said the teen's father was trying to secure him, but the teen fought his father and several deputies.

    The teen struck one deputy in the face with his fist and continued to fight his father and three deputies, and at one point he was able to throw the four men off of himself and still stood up, deputies said.

    The teen was repeatedly stunned with a Taser and struck with a baton, none of which had any effect, deputies said.

    After fighting with deputies for 15 minutes, the teen was secured onto a stretcher with assistance from St. Johns County Fire Rescue, and he was taken to Baptist Medical Center South, deputies said.

    Deputies said they found three other teens on the property who were exhibiting similar symptoms, though they didn't fight with deputies. They were also taken to the hospital.

    Deputies said the teens had received a substance called 2C-I, a psychedelic drug, from a 16-year-old who lived at another home on the street. When deputies went to that home, they learned that the 16-year-old's mother was looking for help because her son was "out of control," deputies said.

    Deputies said they found the 16-year-old in the back yard secured by a family friend. The teen told deputies he took the 2C-I that he received over the Internet from China, deputies said. He was also taken to Baptist Medical Center South.

    All of the teens were then taken to Wolfson Children's Hospital. Deputies said they found a plastic bag containing a white, flaky substance that tested negative for methamphetamine and LSD. They said the substance will be sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to determine its contents.
    Bath salts can produce hallucinations, severe paranoia, seizures, aggression, increased blood pressure and kidney failure.

    A new law passed by the Florida House and Senate and awaiting Gov. Rick Scott's signature provides for up to a five-year prison sentence for possession of the drug. Deputies said charges for the teens are pending further investigation by Youth Resource deputies of the Sheriff's Office.

    "That makes me very concerned because my daughter is in the same grade they are," neighbor Jennifer Bristow said. "I know the kids, and she's going to be 16 this weekend." Bristow said she can't understand how the boys got ahold of the drugs in the first place. "I'm shocked that they can go online and order it," she said. "I mean how do they even get access to a credit card?"
    "It's very scary you can purchase things like that on the Internet, that kids can purchase drugs like that," neighbor Michelle Wright said.

    Wright said she's worried about her own children and said she always watches what they purchase. The Sheriffs Office is asking the community to take the time to talk about the dangers of the drugs. "We're simply just stating that parents should have a conversation with their children," Sgt. Chuck Mulligan said.


  2. Alfa
    I really hope that this is not related to Bromo-Dragonfly.
  3. Phenoxide
    Fortunately for all concerned I doubt this is another bromo-dragonFLY incident. Had these teens taken bromo-dragonFLY mislabelled as 2C-I then they'd have been in too bad shape to put up any effective resistance and certainly wouldn't need to be tasered. It sounds more like a drug-induced psychotic break affected one of them and probably freaked out the others to the point where they were hospitalized too because of anxiety issues. Will be interesting to hear any further details on this case.

    Very bad timing though. It seems we cannot go more than a few days without a high profile research chemical incident somewhere in the states at the moment. Something's gotta give...
  4. Dragos
    Really? Are parents/people that stupid and/or naive? Any kid can go down to the local walgreens/wally world/etc and purchase a Green Dot Mastercard.

    Head > Desk > Plant
  5. EscapeDummy

    I have never been able to understand this. Being able to withstand baton strikes and Taser shocks while on a psychotic break/on drugs, I can believe. But being able to throw off 4 men off himself from the ground and still stand up... how? Police officers tend to be substantially more muscular than the average person... how, in terms of the physics involved, can a beaten 17 year old overpower conservatively 800lbs of people trying to restrain him?

    Also regarding the first article, it's a good thing Florida banned "MDVP", what a menace that drug is.
  6. Alfa
    Maybe, the question is if MDPV will indeed be vanished just because it is banned.
  7. UrbanYouth
    I find it confusing that there is this sudden surge in Research Chemical related incidents as of lately, is this just my own blindness and this has always been going on, or is there actually a surge of incidents happening?
  8. torachi
    Oh, it definitely on the rise. You can just look at the old DF posts, even just a few years ago the community was relatively small. Now you can see how much traffic it gets.

    The funny thing is the scare-mongering by the papers is one thing thats bringing the idea of research chemicals to the mainstream.
  9. torachi
    Historic City News has received word that, over the weekend, five teenage boys, between 15 and 17 years of age, were transported to Baptist South Hospital after exhibiting violent symptoms believed to have been caused from eating a substance ordered from the Republic of China.

    A 17 year-old who lives on North Lake Cunningham Avenue, attacked his father and deputies when they attempted to subdue him. His parents told deputies and paramedics that his behavior was “out of control” after ingesting what may be some form of bath salts.

    According to the incident report, the juvenile struck one deputy in the face with his closed fist, was combative with his father, and, at one point, he threw off four men attempting to restrain him. Without effect, he resisted repeated shocks from a Taser and strikes from a baton. The fight went on for fifteen minutes before he was secured to a stretcher and transported to the hospital.

    A total of four more teens, which did not fight with deputies, exhibited similar symptoms of agitation and were transported to the hospital for medical treatment without incident.

    Deputies learned that the boys allegedly received a substance called “2C-I” from a 16 year-old who lives in the neighborhood. He told officers that he ordered the white flakey substance over the Internet from China.

    Deputies located a plastic bag containing the material which failed a presumptive field test for both Methamphetamine and LSD. The unknown substance is on the way to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for analysis in order to determine its identity.

    The report from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office says that all juveniles involved we eventually transported to Wolfsons Children’s Hospital for additional treatment and evaluation.

    Charges are pending further investigation by youth resource deputies.

  10. EscapeDummy

    I was just making a reference to the journalists once again not having the right name for a drug :p
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