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  1. chillinwill
    Denton police say some teenagers are smoking a substance that is marketed as incense as an alternative to marijuana.

    K2, or Spice, smells fruity or clean. In smoking chat rooms and forums, the leafy substance is called "legal weed." The label on bags of the product say it is "not for human consumption."

    "K2 Incense is just that: Incense, and is not sold or intended for human consumption," K2-Incense.com, a company that sells the product, said in an e-mail.

    It's legal to buy the incense in Texas, but Kansas has banned the product, and other states are considering similar legislation.

    "It's legal," Officer Ryan Grelle said. "It's incense. There is no narcotic in it."

    But at least three teenagers have called 911 in the last 10 days seeking medical help after smoking the incense, Denton police said.

    Kori Croft, 18, said she regrets not paying attention to the warning. She was taken to a hospital after smoking the incense with her boyfriend.

    "I feel like it was the dumbest decision ever," she said. "It pretty much was life-changing."

    Within minutes of her first few puffs, she was having chest pains before blacking out on the floor.

    "I blacked out and was having seizures," Croft said. "My boyfriend was brave enough to take the step and call the cops. My boyfriend was doing CPR on me before they got there because I wasn't breathing, and then they had to do CPR once they got there. The last thing I remember was actually smoking. That was the last thing I remember until I got to the hospital."

    Her boyfriend, who did not want to be identified, called 911. On a recording of the call, Croft can be heard coughing and wheezing in the background while her boyfriend pleads with the dispatcher to hurry up.

    Croft said she never plans to smoke the incense again.

    "It's just not worth it to be unconscious or not in control," she said.

    By Omar Villafranca
    May 10, 2010


  1. mr t
    Here we go again:mad: Overdosing??on incense.The media are the true culprits,as always.I wonder how many people die from asprin or liver failure from alcohol,or cancer from cigs....But No,,,, 2 people out of the thousands that use incense had problems,,,now they want to ban it..W.T.F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsdown:
  2. Jasim
    Any speculation on what actually may have happened? My pet turtle Clover has smoked K2 Summit before and he says that the herbal blend used is somewhat pungent. My guess is she had an allergic reaction. I don't see how a synthetic cannabinoid could cause such a reaction.
  3. torachi
  4. KingMe
    indeed it does sound like a pretty violent reaction to something others use without problems. it could have been anything, from something in the smoke to the onset of another disease... but swim doubts we will ever find out what really happened, as such news never seem to offer any followup, preffering the drama over accuracy.
  5. Valseedian
    sounds alot more like an alergic reaction to a constituant in the blend than anything a cannabinoid would be likely to do.

    doesn't sound much like a marijuana induced paranoia anxiety attack to swim, and he has used mj and (at times..) both K2 (blonde) and several spices without similar problems.

    could have just gotten a highly concentrated bag. there are known hotspots. was she an adult(18 or 21 in the usa, probably the former..), then it's her own fault for purchasing and consuming a product labeled 'not for human consumption'. you wouldn't sue a bleach company for harm it's product caused from intentional consumption.. nor would you ban it..
  6. Terrapinzflyer
    sorry- but theres a fatal flaw in that logic- everyone, including the manufacturers, know damn well what this is manufactured for and that it is intended for human consumption. It's one thing to print some bs use on the packaging to get around laws regarding its sale, its quite another to then claim no responsibility for its effects when used as truly intended.

    Hopefully this was an allergic reaction and not a bad batch of K2 out there... (actually- has anyone even heard of an allergic reaction to this? Can't remember seeing any such reports yet- only overdoses. )
  7. mx65wildcat
    Swim knows from experience these compounds are very potent ! The earlier poster said after the first FEW hits ,hence the problem ,one hit is plenty ,at least start with one and wait ten minutes , swim is guessing it was a mild od but it dosnt kill anyone just freaks them out . Remember swimmers this is a very potent compound, one hit is plenty, a wise poster once said: your gonna go on a hell of a rollercoaster ride ! Ride it out, use breathing techniques, all rides come to an end .. breath in nose out mouth , and dont go to the hospital they dont know what to do !
  8. avitas
    There are many more factors that could attribute to this reaction. We will never know for sure what actually caused it. If the manufacturers are cutting corners on production (cutting to increase volume) then there is a real possibility that is what it stemmed from.

    A very major Research Chemicals vendor has been widely accused of cutting their JWH with a certain very bad additive for volume. Their products have always been known to have a certain redness to them almost like iron. My friend Swim mustered up the balls to call and complain with a civil yet profanity embellished speech and several questions. They denied and denounced ALL claims of that nature. Claiming that they were the "Largest supplier of incense out there" and that they found these accusations to be "offensive" Swim then acted as if he called and complained to the wrong RC vendor to complain (since none of them answer their phones in a remotely professional manner), and after that the RC vendor laughed it off and gave swim his personal cell phone number (which was kept as a reference and never contacted again).

    The uniform warnings of not for human consumption allow the manufacturers to be clean and clear of any liabilities associated with consumption of the product. In todays legal world the substance will be made illegal long before the manufacturer faces any charges associated with misuse or unsafe production practices. In short the worst thing that will happen to suppliers is that they will be unable to make the substance anymore. So why not maximize profitability? They have nothing to lose, a lot to gain and only a limited window of time before this stuff inevitably becomes illegal.

    I'm not bashing RC vendors
    There are 2 spectrums to this argument:

    "It's all in your head"

    When it comes down to it, a high IS what the user makes of it within their own mind. JWH may accelerate heart rate in users (some don't even notice the difference).

    But when that same user experiences what is widely known as "The Fear" they will elevate their heart rate further by way of this fear (in their head) and not directly from the chemical itself. In a nutshell the fear is in your head.. but the fact that your heart is going 100 BPM from that fear is reality.

    In theory:

    The Fear + Fear of the Fear + [Cardiac and/or respiratory ailment] Could translate into cardiac arrest. Do i think this is what happened with that girl? No, but I would have to know much more about the situation before i could fairly make that judgement call.I have never smoked K2 so I don't feel like i can fairly judge it without having experienced it.

    Regardless of what anybody thinks or what turns out to be the truth, JWH users need to practice preventative measures to curb paranoia and increasing heart rate. Most importantly care in the amount consumed. This is without a doubt far more powerful than the product it mocks and its power can be harnessed in ways that can put ANY real form of cannabis to shame. But at a very high price, this stuff is dangerous.

    Maintain a uniform normal breathing pattern without breaks and of course try to remind yourself that it's all in your head.

    What you can imagine can hurt you if you let it
  9. BloodyMuffin
    This is precisely WHY these chemicals need to remain legal. think what a difference there would be in this article and in the speculation surrounding it if these chemicals were legal and regulated by the government. there would be very little chance of a "hot spot" if all of these products were made to regulation and tested. there would be almost NO chance of getting a "bad batch". with a regulated batch most possible reasons could be ruled out. it would come down to either an allergic reaction (bad luck) which is fixable if you know a certain amount of people will have that reaction or avoidable if they wont change the formula, or to an overdose which would mean she was stupid and smoked too much. were these products regulated even an overdose would be much less likely because they would hopefully have a label with the chemical concentration as well as the chemicals used. like alcohol you would then be able to tell exactly how much you were ingesting. instead of uninformed people assuming they were just smoking incense they would know exactly what they were putting into their bodies. in a perfect world you would also be able to then buy other forms of the chemical such as drinks containing minor amounts so that it wouldn't even have to be smoked.

    Swim knows most people disagree with him that the government should regulate it, but when they fail to even recognize what it is and just allow it to continue with no oversight and no admission that its happening they endanger the public because they know damn well the public is filled with unintelligent uninformed people. Swim doesn't like the fact that these drugs are being banned in his state, but he feels that lack of oversight and awareness is what leads to these stories, and ultimately these stories just blame the drug and give it a bad name when in 99% of cases it was entirely stupid human error. unless you've got your head up your ass you dont go blaming alcohol when someone drinks 15 shots and puke their guts up. it should be the same here god damnit.
  10. Anna Thema
    Hmmm, maybe an allergic reaction but without proper medical reports its impossible to speculate, maybe a hot spot in the distribution but without a sample to test, again thats just speculation. And as a point of interest can a person cough and not breath at the same time?
    Personally swim has noticed with these blends that people who have little or no exposure to smoking cannabis previously can find these blends really physically intimidating.

    For example swim has been a regular smoker with over 20 years smoking experience - lets be honest here, swim has smoked a huge pile of crap over the last couple of decades and considers her lungs to be pretty well primed to invasive material of all types and even she on first trying these blends found the smoke to be really harsh and rough on the lungs.
    A good coughing fit with extreme shortness of breath followed that in a younger, less experienced person could easily be mistaken for a 'medical emergency'

    It does sound like a case of youthful over exuberance to swim, too much too soon, without giving the substance the respect and caution any intoxicant deserves when first being experimented with.
    Lesson to be learned - when ever trying new things, take it slow and work out what doses a body is comfortable with.
  11. chronicxswirls
    It must've been an allergic reaction because I and many of my "friends" smoke K2, Spice, DzL all on a daily basis. I know atleast 25 people that smoke it religiously because their on probation. I also believe it gives you a different sort of high. It's a more personal time than anything because you sit and think... I get most of my ideas when I'm stoned. I wish people would just shut up and let marijuana be legal. As most everyone already says... if you can get cancer from cigarettes and liver problems from alcohol, wtf? I know as well as everyone else that you can drive perfectly on cannabis&k2/spice/dzl but NO ONE can drive perfectly drunk.
  12. ★sk8r grl hakr chic★
    How fucking annoying! So it was the first time she tried drugs and had a panick attack, big fucking deal! If she'd been smoking illegal weed and had the same reaction, there's no way she'd have gone to hospital, cause her and her boyfriend would have been scared of getting in trouble. But 'oh no', just cause it's legal she doesn't think twice about calling a fucking ambulance, telling them "I smoked that legal incence", and ruining it for the more responsible people who want to try it. Yeah, thanks love, get it banned for everyone else while you're at it.
  13. port 21
    She had a panic attack, probably startled by how effective it was. Nothing more.

    The government should learn, illegalise a genuinely almost harmless subsance, others take its place.
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