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Teens who smoke are 13 times more likely to use marijuana

  1. Rio Fantastic
    Daily Dose: Teens Who Smoke More Likely To Drink, Take Drugs

    A new report released Tuesday said that nicotine can make teens more vulnerable to alcohol and drug addiction, and to mental illness.The nicotine affects chemical and structural changes in teenagers' developing brains.The study was done by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University.Among the statistics, teens who smoke are more than five times more likely to drink and 13 times more likely to use marijuana.


  1. cra$h
    ironicly, my friend started smoking weed 1st, then drank alcohol, and swore he would never smoke cigs since they're addictive. a couple months later he found himself broke, looking for cig money. but luckily he quit cigs before he seriosly got addicted. and what got him into cigs? his friend saying you get higher and stay high longer if you smoke a cig once high. but he has found that when drunk, cigarrets make your drunk much better
  2. Joe Duffy
    A little bit of information about The Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA)

  3. chrisn
    From what I've seen at college, the reverse often happens. Tons of students claim "I only smoke cigarettes when I'm drunk!" That may be true at first, but kids in college like to get drunk a lot, so without realizing it they start to smoke more and more cigarettes. They eventually get addicted without even realizing it.
  4. Revancheshepherd
    some people are predispositioned to have an addictive personality
    perhaps its bound to happen anyways

    SWIM started smoking marijuana before cigarettes
    cigarettes were a social party thing
    now SWIM is trying hard to cease smoking of cigarettes
  5. Nature Boy
    So the old saying goes again, correlation does not imply causation.
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