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Ten kilograms of the drug mephedrone discovered at Riga airport

  1. chillinwill
    Officers of the State Revenue Service (SRS) seized almost ten kilograms of the recreational drug mephedrone at Riga Airport in March 2010. The narcotic substance was discovered in a freight container, which had arrived in Latvia from India. Two Latvian citizens and one Estonian citizen were arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling, and have been remanded in custody.

    One of the arrested Latvian men was the owner of a company registered in Latvia, to whom the package was addressed. The SRS have not revealed the nature of the company in question.

    As LETA was informed by a spokesperson for the SRS, this is the first time the organization has detected smuggling of this substance into Latvia, and the quantity seized is believed to be significant.

    The mephedrone was discovered in freight accompanied by documents declaring it to be a different chemical substance. According to the SRS, 4-methylephedrone or mephedrone is a banned and dangerous narcotic substance with a psychotropic and stimulant effect similar to cocaine or ecstasy.

    Officers of the SRS Customs Criminal Administration carried out a search of the arrested persons' homes, as well as the addressee company's office, and discovered jeweler's scales, plastic packaging materials used for wrapping narcotics, and protective filter masks.

    A criminal process has been initiated in connection with the matter.

    Nina Kolyako
    April 14, 2010


  1. Kotton Morrison
    From India not the first heard of that looks like its not only China that make it then. Or possibly its smuggled in to India from China first, but I can't think of a reason for that to happen.
  2. Syphr
    What drugs are made in China are normally made in India as well. Every place is going to have a distributor, it is just a matter of finding them. It does not surprise swim, especially since swim has an Indian source for 2C substances as well as Mephedrone.
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