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  1. 0utrider


  1. Felonious Skunk
    Too bad, Tiger. You had the opportunity to speak out against privacy invasion but instead you want to prove that guys who hit balls into holes with sticks are "clean."

    How utterly useless.
  2. Kodi
    We've seen in other sports when athletes privacy is respected they abuse that respect, and with what Gary Player said a few months back the fact is that even golfers are looking for any competitive edge, and who can blame them with 278 million in prize money...

    Part of the allure of sports is the hard work and training that goes into being one of the greats, and if one athletes years of hard work is negated by a shot, why shouldnt there be testing? The fact is that part of being famous is giving up some of your privacy.
  3. Euphoric
    Jan 29/08


  4. Felonious Skunk
    Make all substances legit: steroids, speed, anabolics, the whole (pun intended) nine yards.

    This way we can see guys hit balls for 500 yards with sticks and the game might actually be interesting to watch, they'll make more money, hypocrisy can be dispensed with, and drug caddies can be as big a part of Amerikana as club caddies.

    Everyone wins.

    Accept this, Amerika:

    Most of us are mediocre.

    A few guys are pretty good.

    Even fewer are excellent.

    Let the excellent guys take whatever drugs they want because they've earned it. The rest of us can drink beer and watch 'em on TV.
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