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  1. chillinwill
    The Brooks County Sheriff's Department has a marijuana problem. They've got 200,000 pounds of pot, and they're complaining that it would be too expensive to destroy it.

    "This is a problem that doesn't seem to be going away and anything we can get to help us to dispose of these cases once they're done and to get ready for the next one that are coming in would be a great help," said Deputy Daniel Davila.

    Something tells me Toke of the Town readers could be of great assistance to the deputy. After all, at a trying time like this, we all have to pitch in, people!

    All of the confiscated cannabis comes from drug cases over the past decade, reports Manuel De La Rosa at KIII-TV. And for now, all that unwanted weed sits in some storage trailers, awaiting an uncertain fate.

    The marijuana dates back as far as 2000. According to authorities, the previous sheriff either didn't keep good records, or didn't get destruction orders from judges.

    It's a priority for the current sheriff to get rid of the hundreds of thousands of pounds of pot. Deputies destroyed some of the bundles of bud with two visits to the Department of Public Safety incinerator in McAllen, Texas last year, but it cost them nearly $30,000.

    The problem seems to be unwrapping the plastic off the marijuana, commonly used by Mexican drug smugglers, and Brooks County just doesn't have the manpower to do that. The county has a small sheriff's department, with only seven patrol officers and one criminal investigator.

    "(It's) very time consuming," Deputy Davila said. "Probably for preparation to get it ready a week or more, whatever trailers we are going to use to transport it up there, and it would take several officers especially to remove the plastic from the contraband."

    Just for the past 16 months, Brooks County has started keeping more marijuana seized from cases under Sheriff Rey Rodriguez. Already, they've filled two trailers with pot.

    The problem is, the dank deluge continues; the cannabis cases keep coming in, and the weed just stacks up higher and higher.

    The only place deputies can currently destroy the pot is at the DPS Lab in McAllen, but plans are afoot to pool resources in the Coastal Bend to destroy the weed locally.

    County officials believe that would be less costly and might solve their marijuana storage problems.

    By Steve Elliott
    May 4, 2010
    Toke of the Town


  1. chilliker
    If they'd just give it to SWIM.
  2. Paradoxical Frog
    That photo looks gooood :D

    Why not ship it over to the states where they have medicinal marijuana? At least then it's not getting wasted and it's going to good use.

    Or they could just burn it on a big open fire and hotbox the entire state of Texas :laugh:
  3. SullyGuy
    Many hands make for light work... ;)
  4. podge
    A bonfire is too expensive ? Fucking recession eh ? Haha.
  5. godztear
    That is pretty much what the military does when they gather up people's crop fields. They put it in a big pile mixed with hair and set it ablaze.
  6. mickey_bee
    So that's where the hair on the floor of the barber's shop goes.........:laugh:
  7. shivakiva2112
    Someone should "liberate" that pot from the Sheriff Dept.'s trailers. If only the DF swim team lived in Brooks County...
  8. TheUnicorn
    My unicorn knows a field where it could be disposed of rather swiftly. ;)
  9. semaj
    swim isnt that far from there, why didnt they just contact him?? Some of it was probably intended for him in the first place.

    such a small county and small police force one would wonder how hard it would be to find said trailers.
  10. fatal

    fine then. we all know what needs to happen now... may the best man win! either that or someone needs to go get a job application for brooks county sheriff work. "oh my god this is such a problem we have. there is all this marijuana. how much? oh hell who knows like a million pounds er some such shit. just what do they expect us to do with all that damn weed anyways? its just all sitting there and we dont even have enough manpower to guard it. thankfully nothings happened to it cause its not secure. nope pretty much anyone could just walk up and take it. we been real lucky." :eek:

  11. Estereal
    What a shame. Somebody supposed that the members of some forum that isn't drugs forum could get together for one hell of a smokeout. Wondered how much they could give to all the smokers in the USA if it was divided up equally? Probably around an ounce!
  12. Potter
    Not to be as big a buzzkill as these guys, but that's simply not safe. There's no telling if this pot is contaminated or of proper quality for distribution.

    But really, these guys don't know how to get rid of this stuff? Why not just compost it? Pull it out of the plastic, put it in a big pile, wet it down, mix it with manure... the shit will render it un-stealable, and it will rot up in a few months.

    Fucking Texas, it's like all their elected officials have lead poisoning. Probably from chewing on bullets as babies, combined with sitting in churches with WAY too many people baking in the hot sun, fries up the braincells to a crispy non-functional state (kind of like Texas) I'd say we should just give Texas back to Mexico, but I couldn't do that to the Mexicans.
  13. KingMe
    What swim finds interesting is how such a small department of poce could have siezed such a big number of packages. Then again, he doesnt really know how these things work. Though he wonders what one has to do to be the person putting the weed in the incinerator ;) world's largest spliff/vapuorizer

    They also cant set it on fire, the cloud of smoke would make too many people relaxed and lower support of wars and such...
  14. salviablue
    Option a) Axe + weed (I presume its resin if its problematically wrapped in plastic) + contained composting = compost .
    Give/sell compost to some industry that has the facility to filter out the majority of plastic from the compost = job done.
    Option b) Any old incinerator large enough for batches + series of carbon filters + weed (in batches small enough to be accommodated by the incinerator, naturally) = job done (bit by bit) - no need for the unwrapping/removal of plastic, just burn the shit, the disposable nature of the filter preventing plastic fumes from entering the atmosphere.

    c) Or the age old favourite of dumping it in the river/sea.

    Why the concern with burning plastic anyway, its not like they don't all drive around in 6ltr+ petrol vehicles anyway!?

    I take it that there must be some reason why they can only use some specific designated incinerator. If they don't care about that, then either the above, or just take over the country line into Mexico and sell it there. Thats probably what the guys where doing previously, what with "According to authorities, the previous sheriff either didn't keep good records, or didn't get destruction orders from judges."........

    Seriously though, either these guys are as thick as pig shit or want to do everything by a very restrictive "the book", or both, there must be a thousand different ways to destroy it, hell, they're Texans/Americans, blow the shit up, shoot the crap out of it.

    I bet they are not stuck for space, why even destroy it, let it degrade..or bury it.
  15. ClownJuggla
    regarding the contamination, people have been busted with this weed, meaning that its either to be smoked or sold, i doubt contamination would be an issue because the idea is to have lots of costumers ...not kill them.

    albeit, it makes sense theoretically, no telling if its whet or something like that...

    Hypothetically, i would liberate said hemp, sell it off at a nominal 1 cent per ounce totaling around 320000 cents translating to 3200 dollars, and give it to the police department as a donation no questions asked
  16. Paradoxical Frog
    Ah, fair enough and that's a good point that I didn't think of! Simply the hippy do-gooder in me trying to find a nice solution before the obvious one :vibes:

    Well, there's plenty of volunteers at least to test for contamination :laugh:
  17. salviablue
    Its likely to be contaminated, especially if its resin, just depends on when it got busted. If its wrapped in k's or larger, possibly not that contaminated much/at all, if its wrapped in bars, more than likely contaminated.
    The contamination isn't intended to kill off the clientele, just increase the profit margin amount of merchandise, and the contaminants wouldn't kill any one off either, well, not straight away, from prolonged/long term use maybe.
  18. Raoul duke420
    Damn thats alot of commercial mexi-schwag. lol- go aheah and torch it! swim is glad that shit wont be hitting the states=) - down with schwag.
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